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Metal B2B is a business platform for metal materials like copper bar, copper wire, ceramic fiber blankets, carbon fiber, graphite sheets, cemented carbide, wire mesh, tungsten bar, titanium foil, aluminium coils.

Product Range: copper bar,ceramic fiber blankets,carbon fiber,graphite sheets,cemented carbide,wire mesh,tungsten bar,titanium foil,aluminium coils

Product Categories
90%-95% grade carbon additive/raiser
supply the carbon additive/raiser with 90%,93% and 95%
short carbon fiber, chopped carbon fiber
product: chopped carbon fiber
length: 2-20mm
application: applied to carbon fiber reinforced plastics
Carbon Fiber Products,High Strength Corrosion-resistant Durable Professional Manufacturer Carbon Fiber Products
1)Carbon Fiber Profiles
2)Factory directly sales
3)Corrosion Resistance
4)Long service life
Carbon fiber cloth 3k,6k,100g-600g/m2
1K Carbon Fiber Fabrics : 125g/sqm. Twill and Plain.
3K Carbon fabric : 4H, 5H, 8H satin, plain and twill from 200g/m2 ~ 400g/
Light Weight Wear-resisting Carbon Fiber CNC Cut Plate
1.Customized specs are available
2.Different colors and sizes are accepted
3.Anti-aging,high flexibility
Activated Carbon for Gold Extraction
Activated Carbon for Gold Extraction
1.high adsorption
iodine value 1000-1100mg/g
2.high abrasion resistance

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