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Metal B2B is a business platform for metal materials like copper bar, copper wire, ceramic fiber blankets, carbon fiber, graphite sheets, cemented carbide, wire mesh, tungsten bar, titanium foil, aluminium coils.

Product Range: copper bar,ceramic fiber blankets,carbon fiber,graphite sheets,cemented carbide,wire mesh,tungsten bar,titanium foil,aluminium coils

Product Categories
Powerful Permanent Magnetic Plate Lifter
Permanent magentic lifter
Min 100kg to max 10T
3.5 times safety factor
CE certified,one year warranty
Accept OEM
Block Neodymium rare earth Magnet
Shape: Arc(segment), Block, Cube, Cylinder, Disc, Ring, Rod, Sphere
Material grade magnetic propertes for sintered magnet
Cerium Oxide
Cerium Oxide
Light yellow powder
M. wt.: 172.00
Rare Earth Magnets
We are a competent supplier of all the grades of rare earth magnets ranging from N30 to N52 in different shapes.
99.999% Dysprosium Oxide
Dysprosium Oxide
1,high purity:99%--99.999%
2,wide range of uses
3,quality best
4,competitive price
Infrared IR anti counterfeit phosphor
Inorganic Anti counterfeit phosphor
invisible 980nm light detect
Green, Red, Blue color
Mix with ink etc. in paper certificat

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