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Metal B2B is a business platform for metal materials like copper bar, copper wire, ceramic fiber blankets, carbon fiber, graphite sheets, cemented carbide, wire mesh, tungsten bar, titanium foil, aluminium coils.

Product Range: copper bar,ceramic fiber blankets,carbon fiber,graphite sheets,cemented carbide,wire mesh,tungsten bar,titanium foil,aluminium coils

Product Categories
Mechanical Seal Ring/Silicon Carbide
Mechanical Seal Ring, which used in Mechanical Seal, is made of Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (RBSC).
Dental Lab/ Zirconia Ceramic Blocks/CAD/CAM/dental products china
1. material: ZrO2, HT& SHT material
2.Fracture Strength:1200Mpa
3.Density: 6.05g/cm3
4. Certificate:FDA
environmental nourishing bonsai clay soil balls for sale
1.different sizes
2.good quality and price
3.used in greens,melons, fruits and gardening
LEPE Si3N4 bonded Sic plate Nitrogen silicon (Si3N4) combine carborundum (Sic) boric plate
Nitrogen silicon (Si3N4) combine carborundum (Sic) boric plate
used in high teperature kilns of daily pottery,hygiene pottery
Dispersing agent---Sodium Humate high soluble powder used in water treatment and ceramic industry
1. water soluble
2. Used in Ceramic industry
3. Can be instead of STPP
4. Accept SGS inspectin
5. Profesional manufacturer
Ceramic Saddle Ring for Mass Transfer
Ceramic saddle ring for mass transfer,used in scrubbing tower,dry tower,cooling tower
FOB Price:$200-600/m3
Bulk bag