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Metal B2B is a business platform for metal materials like copper bar, copper wire, ceramic fiber blankets, carbon fiber, graphite sheets, cemented carbide, wire mesh, tungsten bar, titanium foil, aluminium coils.

Product Range: copper bar,ceramic fiber blankets,carbon fiber,graphite sheets,cemented carbide,wire mesh,tungsten bar,titanium foil,aluminium coils

Product Categories
Carbon Fiber products for medical application
Carbon fiber tubes, covers, etc. for high strength-to-weight and stiffness application.
Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal--Wanboda Brand For Making Electrode Paste and Aluminium Industry
20 Years of Experience for Carbon Products production;
Professional Manufacturer,exporter;
High quality, Lowest & best price;
Coal based pellet activated carbon 2mm
Coal based pellet activated carbon 2mm:
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO9002, NSF
Usage: for water and air purification, etc.
Carbon Raisr
1. fixed carbon ranges from 85% to 99%
2. low sulfur and ash content
3. negotiable lower price than current price on market
Carbon Additives
1.Additive Carbon is made from Ningxia coal
2.F. C is 90% min
3.Low ash,Low mositure
4.High absorptivity in molten steel
Carbon Fiber Tube Carbon Fibre Tube gloss finish
1.Extremely high stiffness
2.High tensile strength
3.High tensile strength
4.Excellent corrosion resistance

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