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Metal B2B is a business platform for metal materials like copper bar, copper wire, ceramic fiber blankets, carbon fiber, graphite sheets, cemented carbide, wire mesh, tungsten bar, titanium foil, aluminium coils.

Product Range: copper bar,ceramic fiber blankets,carbon fiber,graphite sheets,cemented carbide,wire mesh,tungsten bar,titanium foil,aluminium coils

Product Categories
Nylon PA66 Peel Ply
Nylon PA66 Peel Ply
1.blade separation and Cabin cover; of oil and other release agents
3.white color with red strip
Twisted Dusted Asbestos Rope
It is made of long asbestos fiber yarn and braided into round form ,extensively used as heat insulation materials
Non-stick PTFE coated fiberglass cloth
1.teflon fiberglass cloth
2.non stick PTFE cloth
3.high abrasion resistance
4.heat resistance
5.insulation cloth
7628 fiberglass fabric
1)Product:Electronic fiberglass fabric
2)Item code:7628
3)Warp yarn:EC9-68X1
4)Weft yarn:EC9-68X1
China silicon rubber coated glass fabric temperature resistance non stick max width 3.45meter
* unique surface grip
* great flexibility
* Anti static
* Chemical resistance
* Temperature -70 to 260 degree Celsius
PTFE with fiberglass cloth
PTFE with fiberglass cloth
1.heat resistance
2.about 280degree
3.non stick ,be somoth on both side