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1.With copper quality, 2.Reduce the production cost, 3.Good performance, 4.High strength, 5.Clad materials - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/2013-gmcs-strip-cladding-copper-with-steel-strip-10146606
Application: Architectural decoration Industry, etc.,Low-voltage electrical components,bimetal radiatorsThickness: 0.2mm-2.0 mmWidth: less than 600 mmGrade: 15% Copper + 85% Steel
Alloy Or Not: Is AlloyModel Number: SIULUNGPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)Surface: Smooth and luxuriant sense
Shape: Strips and SheetsAdvantage: High electrical conductivity of copperMaterial: Gilding metal/Copper clad steel strip/sheetHardness: 85-100 HV
Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JISProduct Struture: Double copper clad with steel  
2013 GMCS Strip/ Cladding Copper With Steel Strip
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2013 GMCS Strip/ Cladding Copper With Steel Strip

Product description of Clad Materials

A clad strip is a material compound consisting of two or more different metal layers. The metal layers can be rolled together in diverse thickness proportions and are then inseparably bonded together.

Hereby the properties that individual materials alone do not have are configured by a clever combination of different materials in a “custom made“ clad compound.

The advantages of the individual materials are combined together. Have a look at one example: the copper-steel-copper cladding.

Standard Sizes:

1. Thickness(δ): 0.2mm-2.0mm

Thickness tolerance ( Δ1):

  • δ<=0.5mm, Δ1=0.03mm
  • 1.0mm>=δ>0.5mm, Δ1 =0.04mm
  • δ>1.0mm, Δ1=0.06mm


Copper: 12mm-600mm

Brass: 12mm-450mm

Width torance(Δ2):

  • w<=200mm, Δ2 =0.5mm
  • 400mm>=w>200mm, Δ2 =0.8mm
  • w>400mm, Δ2 = 1.0mm

3. Forms:Roll, inside diameter ø508mm, ø250mm, ø100mm, maximun outside diameter:ø1400mm

4. Properties:

Maximum tensile strength: more than 650N/mm2; maximum elongation rate: more than 45%

Material have five hardness grades: Special soft(TM), Soft(M), Semi-hard(Y2), Hard(Y), Special Hard(TY).

Their main mechanical performance parameters and application recommendations are mentioned in the table below.

HardnessTensile stength (N/MM2)Elogation (%)Application
Special softmore than 280more than 45very good extensibility, suitable for very deep pressing
Softmore than 290more than 33good extensity, suitable for general pressing
Semi-hard350-450more than 5with certain degree of extensibility, suitable for components requiring bending and certain strength
Hardmore than 460---suitable for components processing through flat punching or simple bending with high requirements for strength
Special Hardmore than 650---very high strength, fatigue resistance, and elasticity

We believe that reliable information is contained in the above documents, however we don't guarantee its accuracy and completencess, and users may need to determine the suitability of the products.

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