aluminum metal turnings - LX

1)Purity 99.7% ,, 2)width 3-5mm, thickness0.3-0.5mm, length 10-30mm;, 3)width 5-10mm, thickness 0.5-1.5mm, length 10-30mm, - details see:
Brand Name: XLModel Number: LXApplication: Chemical industry aviation,architecture,automobileColour: Silvery white
aluminum metal turnings
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1)Aluminum chips are purity 99.7%, width 3-5mm, thickness0.3-0.5mm, length 10-30mm;width 5-10mm, thickness 0.5-1.5mm, length 10-30mm.The specification can be adjusted by the need of customers. The chips made by patent machines. Our aluminum chips are produced by 99.7% aluminum ingot, by cutting method, non waste material.

2)Application:Aluminum chips can be used in chemical industry, biochemical study,deoxidizer,reducer,organic synthesis, making alloy,ect.

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