AZ31B-H24 magnesium plate - plate

1. High quality magnesium plate with reasonable price., 2. Grade: AZ31B, 3. Hot-rolled plate - details see: //
Place of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland)Brand Name: ZhengAoModel Number: plateThickness: 1-200
Width: 2800Length: 6000Material: MagnesiumGrade: az31
process: hot rolledsurface: polished  
AZ31B-H24 magnesium plate
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Sheet: thickness from 1mm to 6mm; Max. width is 600mm; Max. length is 6000mm;

Plate: thickness from 6 mm to 200mm; Max. width is 2800mm; Max. length is 6000mm;

Block: We can supply cut-to-size blocks according to customer's requirements.

Coil: thickness from 0.5 to 2.7mm, max. width 300-350mm;

Magnesium Plate Properties:

Lightest structural metal (1.8 gm/cc)

Higher stiffness than plastics (44 GPa modulus)

Excellent EMI shielding

Good tensile strength as-cast (100-150 MPa yield strength)

Good thermal and electrical conductivity

Good vibration dampening

High fluidity allows net-shape parts with thin walls (<1mm)

Key benefits by industry about magnesium plate:


Magnesium alloys can reduce weight in military applications, increasing efficiency and protection.

Fuel Cells

Magnesium alloys can improve performance in batteries and fuel cells.


Thixoblended Mg alloys can be custom designed to optimize the combination of strength and corrosion rate in resorbable biomedical implants.


Magnesium alloys make possible thinner and lighter electronics for cameras, cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices.


Magnesium alloys make thinner and lighter aircraft components possible.

Recreational Equipment

Magnesium alloys support lighter weight, higher specific stiffness and improved performance and reliability in recreational equipment.

Trucks and Trailers

Magnesium alloys in truck applications can save fuel and reduce pollution.


Magnesium alloys in automotive applications can save fuel and reduce pollution.

Practical applications of magnesium plate:

Advantages and practical applications broken down by industry segments:


Weight savings: Our military men and women are shedding needed items to reduce the load they must carry. Through the use of Mg in their equipment we can make them more light-weight and mobile, thereby improving their safety.

Protective armaments: By using Mg we can increase resistence to penetration, especially for body armor and vehicle shielding.

Reduce vehicle weight: Vehicles are breaking down in desert conditions with less than 1000 hours of service, with Mg we can create lighter-weight, more durable vehicles.


Mg batteries have been traditional in the military and other sea-water applications.

nanoMAG sheet for batteries can be produced more economically than any other option now available on the market.

nanoMAG has been successful with bonding stainless steel into Mg sheet thereby utilizing more of the Mg anode material that is wasted by falling to the bottom of cells.


Increased material strength and increased durability for the complex electronic devices we use every day.

Sheet thickness of less than 1mm means a reduction in size and weight across the board.

EMI/RFI shielding.

Heat removal.


Wind Energy

Lightening the weight and resultant roof loads of small wind mills (the density of Mg is 1/4 that of steel).

Dampening the vibration and noise of wind mills.

Reducing inertial energy losses of windmills during start-up.


Thixoblended Mg alloys can be custom designed to optimize the combination of strength and corrosion rate in resorbable biomedical implants.

Recreational Equipment

Lighter weight.

Higher specific stiffness.

Improved performance and reliability.


Reduced vehicle weight.

Reduced fuel consumption.

Reduced carbon monoxide emissions.

Can be used in place of steel or aluminum stamped components.

Superior noise dampening.

Superior crash protection properties.

Packaging Detail:packed in wooden case with PE or as client's requirement.
Delivery Detail:within 20 days

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