Boron Carbide for refractory - 325F or as per customers' requirement

Boron carbide is a kind of abrasive materials, which is used in refractory industry - details see:
Place of Origin: Liaoning China (Mainland)Shape: PowderMaterial: Boron CarbideSiO2 Content (%): 1% max.
Al2O3 Content (%): 0MgO Content (%): 0CaO Content (%): 0Refractoriness (Degree): 1770°< Refractoriness< 2000°
CrO Content (%): 0SiC Content (%): 0Model Number: 325F or as per customers' requirementBrand Name: ZX
color: blackstate: powdersmelting point: 2450 centigradeCertificate: ISO9001; ISO14001
B + C: 97% min.   
Boron Carbide for refractory
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Boron carbide is a kind of abrasive materials which is used in refractory industry
OriginLiaoning China
MaterialBoron Carbide powder
SiO21 % max.
Refractoriness1770 -- 2000 centigrade
Particle size325 F 0-44 um or other particle sizes
Brand nameZX
Smelting point2450 centigrade
CertificateISO9001 ISO14000
StandardFEPA or JIS
1.Extreme hardness Moh's hardness 9.36
2.Difficult to sinter to high relative density without the use of sintering aids
3.Good chemical resistance
4.Good nuclear properties
5.High temperature low density resistance gravity 2.52g/cm3smelting point 2450°C
For its good properties and characters it has wide application
  • Due to its extreme hardness it has good wear and abrasive resistance then it can be used as not only lapping and polishing material such as the polishing of high speed steel but also cutting tools for hard metal wire drawing dies abrasive tools with high abrasive and wear resistance sealed washer (gasket) and the nozzles for water jet cutters slurry pumping grit blashing etc
  • To take place of diamond in the processing of semiprecious gems such as ruby synthetic corundum etc
  • As the raw material for refractory industry special welding etc
  • To be used as raw material for ballistic armour and relative products
  • Due to its capability to generate tremendous amount of heat in combination with oxygen boron carbide is used as rocket propellant in aerospace industry
  • It is widely used in nuclear industry for its good absorption of neutron
  • Other using an indispensable material for making boric metal for example titanium boride boric steel etc the models and dies of ceramic tools evaporating boat and parts of precision tools etc
Packaging Detail:in paper bags of 20kgs net each, 500kgs or 1000kgs per pallet 1 kgs plastic bag for small order quantity
Delivery Detail:within 7 - 20 days after receiving formal order

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