bounded ferrite/rare earth/ndfeb/injection molded magnet

Magnets Manufacturing Company is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of Magnets in India since 1968 - details see: //
Place of Origin: IndiaBrand Name: Magnets Manufacturing CompanyApplication: Moto Magnetcolour: black
bounded ferrite/rare earth/ndfeb/injection molded magnet
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ØMagnets Manufacturing Company Parent Company of SaranFerrosPvt.Ltd. Was established in1968and started manufacturing isotropic ferrite magnets in Delhi.
ØSaranFerrosPvt.Ltd. Was established in 1992 and a modern magnet and soft ferrite manufacturing plant was commissioned in Noida. Sector 3.
ØSFPL since then has grown rapidly with time and has developed different materials and technologies to make high precision magnets for various industries.
ØSFPL has made incessant innovations in management and production technologies and has adopted many state of the art equipment and SPM’S for mass production , which enables SFPL to maintain superior quality and competitive prices.
ØToday Quality, Excellence, On-time Delivery and Competitive Pricing are synonymous with SFPL , we are a symbol of most reliable source for isotropicFerriteManets, Ferrite InjectionMoldedMagnets and Soft Ferrite Cores and recently alsoInjetionMoldedRare Earth Magnets , Magnetic Assemblies and Toys in India.
vCompression Molded Hard Ferrite Magnets
vHigh Precision Multi-Pole Magnets
vInjection Molded Isotropic and Anisotropic Ferrite Magnets
vBonded Rare Earth Magnets
vInjection Molded Rare Earth Magnets
vSoft Ferrite Cores
qOur Products are widely used and applied in :
ØInstrument Clusters
ØElectronic products
ØHome appliances
ØCommunication Equipments
ØMagnetic Separators
ØMeasuring Devices
ØRead Switches
ØAnd Health Magnets etc.

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