Brass powder (Cu80Zn20)

Brass powder (Cu80Zn20) is the general term for copper-zinc alloy powder. composition, particle size can be adjustable. - details see:
Dimensions: Cu80%-Zn20%Place of Origin: GUA,Zhejiang, China China (Mainland)Net weight: 25kg/drumBrand Name: JILILAI
Powder Or Not: Is PowderCu Content (%): 80%apparent desity: 2.4-3.5gm/ccparticle size: 44-180um
Application: As additivesAlloy Or Not: Is Alloy  
Brass powder (Cu80Zn20)
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Brass powder (Cu80Zn20)

Due to higher levels of zinc in brass powder has high hardness and wear resistance,

usually brass powder as additive applied to the powder metallurgy, friction, friction materials,

diamond tools, and chemical industries.

Chemical components


BrandCuPbSnZnPHLApparence densityFlowmesh
Cu80Zn20remain//19~21/≤0.302.4-3.5g/cm3≤16-100, -200mesh

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