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Graphene Oxide

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Features: Graphene oxide sheets with high oxygen content (1:4), and low, sulfur content and other contaminants.
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Mexico, Chemical Composition: Carbon/oxigen

graphite tube/factory/manufacturer/wholesaler/retailer

contact supplier for graphite tube/factory/manufacturer/wholesaler/retailer

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Features: 1. graphite tube manufacturer/factory, 2. make it according to your drawing and sizes., 3. outter diameter,inner diameter,thickn
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland), Brand Name: J&A, Application: glass factory,quartz factory, Dimensions: OD:320MM,ID:300MM,LENGTH:500MM., graphite tube: 1.85

Petroleum Coke

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Features: Carburant products include carburant for casting, steel-smelting, heat-reserve furnace and friction
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland), Brand Name: LYK, Model Number: CR, Application: casting, steel-smelting, heat-reserve furnace and friction, Dimensions: 92% carbon, Chemical Composition: Fixed carbon, graphite: carbon raiser

New graphite bearing

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Features: New graphite bearing, 1.Good self-lubricating, 2.Wear resistance, 3. resist compression, 4.15-years Experience in graphite
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland), Brand Name: hwafone, Model Number: Customer Customised, Application: Textile machinery equipment, Dimensions: 50*50*50, Chemical Composition: Carbon graphite, wear-resisting: lubrication

lithium battery materials Mesocarbon Microbeads/MCMB

contact supplier for lithium battery materials Mesocarbon Microbeads/MCMB

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Features: Battery materials Mesocarbon Microbeads, 1)3types:high capacity,High Rate,Normal type, 2)MOQ:10kg, 3)delivery:within 7 days
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland), Brand Name: Gelon, Model Number: MCMB, Application: anodde lithium battery materials, Dimensions: normal type,high capacity,high rate discharge, Chemical Composition: high carbon, brand: gelon

Bronze Graphite

contact supplier for Bronze Graphite

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Features: 1)bronze graphite, 2) Working Temperature: Between -100 with +200, 3) Density & Gravity: 6.4-7.5g/cm3
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland), Brand Name: DALON, Model Number: 500series, Production Supplier:: DALON MACHINERY CO.,LTD. since 2002, Production Feature:: Sintering, Quality Management Certificate:: ISO 9001:2000, Quality Standards:: DIN ; JIS ; GB, Material Composition:: CuSn6Zn6Pb3, Cu90Sn10,CuSn6Zn6Pb0,Fe,Cu-Fe, Oil Impregnated Rate:: 15% - 25%, Gravity & Density:: 6.4-7.6g/cm3, Graphite Content Rate:: 1% - 3% Max, Hardness HB-bronze:: 30-70 Bronze, Hardness HB-iron:: 35-145 Iron


contact supplier for WASTE GRAPHITE

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Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Gujarat India, Chemical Composition: 99.99%



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rocker cover gasket

contact supplier for rocker cover gasket

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Features: rocker cover gasket, 1. For Auto Engine, Gaskets, 2. Available for America and European Series, 3. OEM/ODM are welcome
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: United States

PTFE Graphite Braided Packing with silicon rubber core

contact supplier for PTFE Graphite Braided Packing with silicon rubber core

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Features: PTFE Graphite Braided Packing is moulded by soaking polytetrafluoroethylene with graphite
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: China, Brand Name: Xinflon, Model Number: xinflon12, color: black

micropowder flake graphite

contact supplier for micropowder flake graphite

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Features: 1Origin of the flake graphite : Qingdao,China;, 2Density: 2.26g/cm3;, 3Carbon content: 95%;, 4Mohs hardness of 1-2;
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland), Brand Name: Jinhui graphite, Model Number: -195, color: blake

Graphite parts-TS16949Cert-TSA100040

contact supplier for Graphite parts-TS16949Cert-TSA100040

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Features: Graphite parts
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carbon tube

contact supplier for carbon tube

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Features: carbon tube, light weight, high strength, any size you want
Quick Brief: Dimensions: any kind, carbon tube: black tube, Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland), Brand Name: AODUO, Model Number: ADC-005, Application: fishing ,construction, Surface Treatment: paiting, Technique: rolled tubular

Graphite Seal Rings

contact supplier for Graphite Seal Rings

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Features: Graphite Seal Rings, 1.Made of high graphite, 2.High quality,high purity, 3.Rock bottom price,speedy delivery
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland), Brand Name: Bochuan, Model Number: BC-194, Application: Graphite ring, Dimensions: Customized,custom, Chemical Composition: graphite, Application:: conductor, electrode,, Origin: China, Material: fine grain, high density molded and extruded graphite, Use: manipulate and shape molten glass without fear of sticking., Item: high purity graphite bar,stick, Purpose: sintering and continuous casting, Property: Good mechanical & electrical & thermal,Low Specific Resistance, Finish: superfine isomolded, ground finish, Packing: plywood case

Graphite heating element

contact supplier for Graphite heating element

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Features: Graphite heating element is widely used in kinds of heating system of industrial furnace.
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland), Brand Name: BASAN, Model Number: various kind according to customer's requirement, Application: metallurgy,chemical industry, Dimensions: various sizes,can customize, Chemical Composition: carbon99.7% min, material grade: graphite

Graphite bearing

contact supplier for Graphite bearing

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Features: 1.High pure graphite bearing, 2. Durable and long service life, 3.Cost-effective & good performance, 4.Customized as per needs
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland), Brand Name: HusShun, Model Number: GB, Application: different application, Dimensions: various, Chemical Composition: carbon

carbon additive95% F.C Higher quality and Lower price

contact supplier for carbon additive95% F.C Higher quality and Lower price

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Features: 1.lower sulphur,lower ash, 2.Fix Carbon:95%min Sulphur:0.3%max Ash:4%max volatile matter:1% max Moisture:1%max
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Ningxia China (Mainland), Brand Name: NORTHSKY, Model Number: F.C.:95%min, Application: STEEL MAKING, Dimensions: 0-15MM, Chemical Composition: CARBON ADDITIVI, fix carbon content: 95%min, Sulphur: 0.3%max, Ash: 4%max, volatile matter: 1%max, Moisture: 1%max

Molded Graphite Blocks Price

contact supplier for Molded Graphite Blocks Price

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Features: Molded Graphite Block, Density: 1.70-1.85g/cm3, Certificate: ISO9001:2000, Experience: export more than 30 countries
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland), Brand Name: Haihan, Model Number: Molded Graphite Block, Application: casting, alumunium degassing, metallurgy, etc, Dimensions: Depend on customers' requests, Chemical Composition: high carbon, high purity

Graphite block

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Features: We can provide different specification quality graphite block., Applications: casting mold, heat exchanger for chemical industry
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland), Brand Name: Hisuper, Chemical Composition: Graphite, Meterial: Graphite

Sintered Artificial Graphite Blocks

contact supplier for Sintered Artificial Graphite Blocks

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Features: 1.Direct manufacturer, 2.Delivery time: within 25 days, 3.Competitive prices, 4.High density, 5.Low resistivity
Quick Brief: Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland), Brand Name: Topfly Material, Model Number: graphite blocks, Application: Graphite Products making, furnace building, Dimensions: based on customer's request, Chemical Composition: Carbon, Sulfur, Ash,Carbon, Sulfure,Ash, Material: superior petrol coke, Max Grain Size: 0.8~4.0mm, Bulk Density: ≥1.58~1.72g/cm3, Resistance: ≤8.5~10.0uΩ.m, Strength: ≥7.5~13.5Mpa, Compressive Strength: 20~30Mpa, CET(100-600?): ≤2.3~2.5, Ash: ≤0.5%, Size: 400~540mm

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