C1020 copper scrap wire coil strip JIS Japan high quality - C1020

1. ISO9001, 2. thickness 0.006mm-10.0mm, 3. width 1.0mm-600.0mm, 4. Japan Quality - details see: http://www.sourcingmetals.com/c1020-copper-scrap-wire-coil-strip-jis-japan-high-quality-10147062
Application: All kind of easyThickness: 0.006mm-10.0mmWidth: 1.0mm-600.0mmMaterial: Brass
Grade: JISCu (Min): 99.96%-upAlloy Or Not: Non-alloyModel Number: C1020
Brand Name: C1020Place of Origin: Japan, China, Thailand, PhilippinesWeight: 1kg-up 
C1020 copper scrap wire coil strip JIS Japan high quality
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8. Yamabeni Y.K.


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C1020 copper scrap wire coil strip JIS Japan high quality

Packaging Detail:In wooded box/pallet, suitable for long time transportation
Delivery Detail:In 30 days after we received your official order(Consult)

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