Calcium Hydroxide 60%

Calcium hydroxide, traditionally caled slaked lime, hydrated lime, slack lime, or pickling lime, is a chemical compound Ca(OH)2. - details see: //
Place of Origin: IndiaPurity: 60-75%Colour: White 
Calcium Hydroxide 60%
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Product Name :Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime)

Chemical Name : Ca(OH)2

Purity : 60-75% Max.

Sr. No.CharacteristicsSpecifications
1.Calcium Hydroxide -Ca(OH)260-75
2.Calcium Oxide CaO56.7%
3.Calcium Carbonate CaCO38%
4.Magnesium Oxide - MgO0.4%
5.Acid Insoluble - SiO24%
6.Alumina, Iron, ChloridesTraces
9.ColourSnow white


· Building material, Metallurgical processes

· Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Sanitation, Paper and pulp

· Food processing, Dairying

· Leather processing, Petroleum refining, Rubber and Paint, Soil stabilisation etc.

Packing : 40 kg HDPE bags

Stuffing : 22mt per 20'FCL

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