Capillary Copper tube

Capillary Copper tube is widely applicable for high precision copper tube products used in air-conditioner,refrigetator...... - details see:
Type: Capillary TubeApplication: Air Condition Or RefrigeratorSpecification: (1.5-4mm)*(1.0-2mm)Grade: TP2
Cu (Min): 99.96%Alloy Or Not: Non-alloyUltimate Strength (≥ MPa): 220Elongation (≥ %): 40
Wall Thickness: 0.45-0.50. 0.50-0.70Outside Diameter: 1.5-4mmPlace of Origin: China (Mainland) 
Capillary Copper tube
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1.Product scope

Copper capillary is widely applicable for high precision copper tube products used in air-conditioner,refrigetator,water dispenser,water heater,and other home appliances.

2 .Surface quality

2.1Both inner and outer surfaces of the tube shall be smooth ,clean and free from defects, such as hole, flaw, chip, delamination, air bubble, impurity, patina, concave, stave and oil. The scratch, concave and stain shall be allowed which is slight partial and in the tolerance of outside diameter and wall thickness.

2.2The inner surface shall be dry ,clean and free from oil ,oxides.

2.3 Cleannes:

impurity <30mg/m2

moisture <40mg/m2

mineral oil <10mg/m2
chloride <0.2mg/m2

2.4 The quantity of copper tube

minimum length is 100m for coils, and the exact quantity will be decided by customer and supplier.

The length is from 0.15m to 2.5m for straight copper tube , and the exact length shall be decided by both sides. The tolerance of length shall conform to the requirements

length (M)tolerance (mm)
TP2hard(Y)Φ1.8-5.0×0.8-3.5outside diameter±0.04for air conditioner
soft(M)inner diameter ±0.03
hard(Y)Φ1.0-2.1×0.6-0.7outside diameter ±0.03for refrigeration
inner diameter ±0.02


3.1 The mechanical property of copper tube in room temperature shall conform to the requirement .

alloy temper δb(MPa) tensile strength

alloytempertensile strength(Mpa)

3.2The gas close performance test of copper tube shall last 30-60 minutes in table 4 prescribed pressure, and no distortion ,no leak.

wall thickness(mm)gas pressure(Mpa)

3.3 The way-out pressure test and the difference between inlet and way-out pressure for each tube shall be decided by both sides and listed in the contract.

3.4 the capillary capacity tolerance is ±0.03m3/h in the same pressure

3.5 The package ,marks, shipment and store shall be in accordance with GB 8888-88 the package, marks ,shipment ,store of heavy nonferrous metal

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