Cast Slabs (150x1000x4200mm)

Min. dimension 150x1000x4200mm single or divisible per length, Max. dimension 150x1200x5100mm single or divisible per length - details see: //
Place of Origin: UkraineThickness: 150mmWidth: 1000mmLength: 4200mm
Material: Steel   
Cast Slabs (150x1000x4200mm)
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UKREXPORT Pvt Co. has direct access to main producers of Cast Slabs in Ukraine. Slabs are a kind of very rough Steel Billets, but not in typical square or round cross-section but that of larger rectangular form with sides like 150mm and 1000mm and length over 4000mm. It’s a thick steel plate smelted in a continuous-casting furnace and intended for further re-rolling into thinner plates 20mm down to 5mm thick. Our typical Cast Slab has width of 1000mm to 1200mm (1200mm cannot be single width but only in proportion 50%/50% with 1000mm); and length of 4200mm to 5100mm (5100mm cannot be single length but only in proportion 20%/80% where 4200mm is main length). Also it is to be delivered without control of macrostructure & subsurface and without removal of metal scars after gaseous oxygen cutting. Such Cast Slab weighs 5-7MT each or by agreement with buyer can be cut into multiple units/lengths/weighs.

Despite there are plenty of steel grades used for production of Cast Slabs, this production is mainly adjusted to Ukrainian domestic ultimate applications. Overseas buyers, if they can’t specify precise steel grade(s) good for requested Cast Slabs, are recommended to choose from main application fields as following:
- general purpose plates (plain carbon steel, constructional steel, deoxidized steel, alloyed steel, unalloyed steel, cold-resistant steel)
- for shipbuilding industry (deoxidized steel normal strength, carbon steel normal strength, carbon steel heightened strength)
- for high-pressure boilers and tanks (plain carbon steel, lower quality alloyed steel)
- for spring applications (quality constructional steel, higher quality alloyed steel)

Minimal order quantity is 1000MT because this is minimal capacity of a single blast furnace where requested steel grade for requested Cast Slabs is to be smelted.

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