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Sepiolite, 1. Raw Shape:threadiness, 2. Non-toxic, tasteless, Non asbestos, 3. Use:Coating,paint, 4. Whiteness:93min - details see:
Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland)Brand Name: AnTai MiningModel Number: ATSEname: Chinese threadiness sepiolite powder for paint and coating
color: whiteshape: powdersedimentation value: 800-850,930-950Sepiolite composition: 80%min
manufacturer: AnTai Miningusage:: paint, coatinghaedness: 2-3Density: 2~2.5g/cm3
whiteness: 93min   
Chinese threadiness sepiolite powder for paint and coating
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It is pure natural, non-toxic, tasteless, non asbestos, radioactive elements of a hydrated magnesium.

1. Raw Shape:threadiness
2. Non-toxic, tasteless, Non asbestos
3. Use:Coating,paint
4. Whiteness:93min



7.Producer: Lingshou County Antai Mining Co., Ltd

soil sepiolite (stereoplasm sepiolite), massieness seoiolite ( light sepiolite)

white sepiolite powder for soil fertilizers and carrier of farm chemical

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3. Sepiolite is a silicate clay mineral in fibre which is rich in mangnesium, and it is also called mangnesiumand silicate mineral in moisture chain layers.
4. lt can be divided into soil sepiolite(stereoplasm sepiolite) comingfrom deposition and massiveness seoiolite (light sepiolite) coming from hydrothermai deposit.
5. The specific gravity of the lightness is 2-2.3,hardness is 2-2.5.poisonless and odourless, it is harmless topeople.
6. Its melting point is 1500-1700, so it’s heat resistant. It is low in contraction,but high in placticity.
7. lt dis-solves in hedrochloric acid. lt is insulant and salt resistant,etc.

Main Uses:

1. Sepiolite can be used in surgery to remove waste.

2. The processed sepiolite mixed with some active carbon is an ideal material in making Cigarette filters.

3. Mixed with cement, it helps to reduce contraction and leaves no gaps and leaks no water. Added to painter,the painter can form a sediment to improve its quality.

4. Sepiolite can be used as the fine mud material in well drilling for terrestrial heat, for petroleum and halite. lt is particularly applicable for deeply well drilling.

5. Sepiolite can be used to make soap and detergent in the place of fatty acid,to improve quality and clearance.
6.Sepiolite used as additives of cosmetics ,it can absorb bacteria. Mixed with glass fibre, sepiolite can be made into inorganic noncombustible paper.
7.Sepiolite can be used to improve the soil as subspeded agent in fertilizers and carrier of farm chemicals.

8. lt can also be used as additive of fodder, coherent agent, improving agenr for animals,oil-clearing agentin fodder sites,etc.
9. lt can be used to produce original device of special pottery, atomic radiation-resistant apparatus in making atomic enerhy,rockets and satellite.
10. lt is the raw material for fire-resisting apparatus and clothing.

Packaging Detail:500kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 25kg/bag,PP,PE bag
Delivery Detail:within 4 days

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