Coated Calcium carbonate Powder 12um - CGCC_LC 12

- Coated Calcium carbonate Powder 12um, - Size : D97= 12 micron, - Colour : White, - Origin: Vietnam - details see: //
Place of Origin: Yen Bai VietnamSize: D97= 12umShape: PowderModel Number: CGCC_LC 12
Brand Name: Vietnam LatcaRaw Material: LimestoneCGCC-LC12: super fine coated Stearic Acid 
Coated Calcium carbonate Powder 12um
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SuperFine CACO3 - CGCC-LC12

(Coated Stearic Acid)

- D50 ≤3.0µm

- D97 =12±2µm

- 1.100 mesh



CaCO3Content≥ 98%Brightness≥ 94.00 %

MgO Content

≤ 0,16%

pH8.0 ÷ 9.0
Fe2O3Content≤ 0,01%Moisture≤ 0,2%
Al2O3Content≤ 0,04%Density2.7g/cm3
SiO2Content≤ 0,01%Oil absorption≥ 24g/100g CaCO3
Na2O Content≤ 0,16%Loss on ignition Content≤ 43,08%

Main Applications

- Printing-ink

- Plastic Manufacture

- Cosmetic Manufature

- Poli etylen

- Casting Products


All Latca’s Lime Stone Products have origin from the Mongson and Tanminh mine in Yenbai province in Vietnam.

Main Applications:

1.Rubber manufacture: Calcium carbonate is the earliest filler used in the rubber industry. It helps enlarge the capacity in the rubber products, for saving the cost. It also enhances the tensile strength, abrasion and tearing strength. The unpolished Calcium Carbonate used in this field has medium size about 1.5 -40mm.

2. Plastic manufacture: With the medium size smaller than 1.5mm and polished smoothly, Calcium Carbonate is usually used in producing Plastic ( PVC). It plays as the framework in plastic products, keeps the stability of the products, strengthens the products and keeps products smoothly. Calcium Carbonate also help whiten the color and increases the quality of the plastic products.

3. Paper making: Whitening the paper, and as the filler, can reducing the pulp,for saving the cost.

4. Printing-Ink manufacture: CaCO3help control the stability and the shape of Printing –ink. CaCO3coateded with Stearat is very useful for producing stone printing –ink, help protect the paper when rolled and rubbed time and again,..

5. Painting Production:60% ofCaCO3is used in manufacturing Paint especially Water paint. The Smooth and the distribution of the size of CaCO3can affect the aperture of the paint. In addition, the high white CaCO3with good disperingand low abration can help improve the viscosity of the product.

6. Medicine and Cosmetic:CaCO3is one of the important material in manufacturing medicine and Cosmetic. In medicine field, It help provide Calxi, reduce the acid in the stomach, and plays as additive in tablets. In cosmetic industry, CaCO3increases the smooth and keeps the stability of toothpaste and face powder,..

Features: High whiteness, fine grain size, low impurity, adopting dry surface treatment technique, with high activation rate.

Packaging Detail:- 25kg PP woven bag - Jumbo bag
Delivery Detail:1-7 days

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