composite zircon - M8-1

Features:, 1) high whiteness, 2) Suitable for opacifier medium and for body in the ceramic industry - details see: //
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Type: Ceramic Raw MaterialsApplication: Ceramic DecorationsMaterial: Zirconia Ceramic
Model Number: M8-1Brand Name: Baifu  
composite zircon
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newly developed composite zircon is used as opacifier medium for ceramic industries with best quality and cheap cost, widely used for construction ceramic, sanitary ceramic, household ceramic and electric ceramic.

Adopting advanced technology and equipment, the processes of production are all managed by computerized data. These products are made complying with strict quality control system.

Importing premium raw material of zircon sands from Australia with long term contract, we guarantee the stability of raw materials' quality.


1.Super-fine particle size, narrow distributed, good appearance.

2.Strong dispersion in medium (water)

3.No continuate fluctuation, the products match stable, even, uniformity requirements.

4.Zeta potential of the sudace of grain equals basically

5.Low impurity.

Company's advantage:

1.The company has adopt advanced technology and equipments, the process of production are all managed by computerized data; the products are made more uniformity by strict quality control system.

2.Adopt advanced technology of uniformity and decontamination, guarantee long-term stability of quality consistently.

3.Equipped the laboratory with advanced testing facilities to ensure high quality.

4.Import premiun raw material of Zircon sands from Australia with long term contract, to guarantee the stability of raw material's quality.

5.Deliver products to the customers directly in time; the customers are not needed to keep store in their warehouse.

Packing and Storage:

Packing: 25kg paper bag or polyethylene knitted ton bag

Storage and transportation: rainproof, moistureproof; keep warehouse dry and ventilative.

Packaging Detail:25kgs water-proof bags
Delivery Detail:15days

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