Copper Strip

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of Copper Strip,red copper strip. - details see: //
Copper Strip
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We are leading manufacturers and exporters of Electrolytic Grade Winding Wires viz. Enamel led, Varnish bonded Fiberglass Covered and Paper Covered Rectangular and Round Copper and Aluminum conductors in India. We are situated at Bangalore, the Indian Silicon Valley and we have been consistently meeting the winding wire requirement of leading Electrical Equipment manufacturers for over 25 years now.

Our products are manufactured in a well-equipped plant with well-defined and meticulously documented quality systems, under a team of experienced professionals and technical personnel. The various processes are constantly monitored and the products are systematically tested at each production stage to ensure consistent and excellent quality to the satisfaction of our customers.

We have in-house state-of-the-art testing laboratory manned by highly qualified personnel who conduct rigorous testing right from the raw material stage through various stages of production and finally of the finished products before certifying it for delivery. Test results are meticulously recorded and Test Certificates provided.

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