Cow magnet - Cow magnet

Cow magnet, High maximum temperature up to 550 degrees C., Economical, Very stable, Good corrosion resistance - details see: //
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)Brand Name: AMCModel Number: Cow magnetType: Permanent
Composite: AlNiCo MagnetShape: BarApplication: Industrial Magnet,Speaker Magnet 
Cow magnet
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Cow magnet

Material for Cow magnet: alumium, nickel, cobalt and iron with varying additions of other elements

Manufacturing process for Cow magnet:Sintering and Casting

Magnetic properties for Cow magnet: High corrosion resistance, High Mechanical strength, high temperature stability, good resistance to demagnetization due to shock but they are easily demagnetized.

Grade(Sintered Alnico) for Cow magnet: FLN8, FLNG12,FLNGT14,FLNGT18, FLNG28, FLNG31, FLNG33,FLNGT38,FLNGT42.

Grade(cast Alnico) for Cow magnet:LN9, LN10, LNG12, LNG13, LNG37, LNG40, LNG44, LNG52, LNG60, LNGT28, LNG36J ,LNGT18, LNGT32, LNG40,LNGT32, LNGT40,LNGT60,LNGT72

Max working temperature for Cow magnet:600 centigrade

Shapes for Cow magnet:Ring, Blocks, U type, special type according to customer request.

Applications for Cow magnet: automotive and aircraft sensor applications. Instruments, security sensors, magnetos, electronic distributors, separators, electron tubes, traveling wave tubes, radar, holding magnets, coin acceptors, generators and motors, clutches and brakes, relays, controls, receivers, telephones, microphones, bell ringers, guitar pickups, loudspeakers, security systems, cow magnets.

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