Customize super Strong Neodymium Permanent n52 magnets - Neodymium Magnet

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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: Shan MagnetismModel Number: Neodymium MagnetType: Permanent
Composite: NdFeB MagnetShape: according to customers' requirementsApplication: Industrial MagnetModel NO.: Neodymium Magnet
with various sizes: and different coloursMOQ: according to the sizeSamples: Free sample is availableMulti shapes: Cylinder, Ring, Square, Arc, bar, irregular shapes,etc.
In multi plating: Ni, Zinc, Gold, Silver,Ni-Cu-Ni, Black Epoxy,etc.International Certificate: UKAS ISO9001,SGS RoHsPayment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PaypalShipment Methods: DHL,EMS,TNT,FedEx,UPS
Customize super Strong Neodymium Permanent n52 magnets
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Product Description:

Customize super Strong Neodymium Permanent n52 magnets

Shan Magnetismis one of the professional manufacturers of NdFeB Magnets.

Our main items areNdFeB, Ferrite, SmCo, Alnico, Rare Earth magnetsetc.

All Surface coatings are available, such as Nickel, Black, Zinc, epoxy resin, etc.

We have enjoyed greatly reputation all over the world, sincerely hoping we will

establish long-term and friendly relationships based on Win-win mutual equality

and mutual benefit.


1.Grades: N33,N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52, (M, H, SH, EH, UH )

2.Coatings:Nickel, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zinc, white-blue Zn, Black epoxy resin, Gold
3.Sizes:Produced as your requirements, usually all are available.
4.MOQ:According to the size.
5.Samples:Free sample is available.
6.Shapes:disc,cylinder,sphere,block ,ring ,tile, arc, ect.
Multi Shape:Cylinder, Square, Ring, Disc, Arc segment and so on.
7.Application:Voice-coil Motor(VCM), MRI, Generator, Car, Speaker, Computer and so on.
8.Delivery time:Within 7-30 days after your confirmed order.
9.International Certificates:KAS ISO9001,SGS RoHs
10.Material:Neodymium, Iron and Boron, or According to clients' requirements.
11.Tolerance:+/-0.1mm,+/-0.05mm unless specified requirements.
12.Magnetized direction:Through thickness/length/diameter/
axial/isotropic/anisotropic,pair magnetized.
13.Maximum working temperature:80 to 200 degrees C
14.Package Condition:Standard air/sea protective package, unless specified requirements.
15.Advantage:NdFeB Magnet has the best magnetic energy and coercive force, very stable magnetism and work temperature, qualitied erode-resistant.
16.High magnetic performance(Br: 11,000 to 14,500 Gs,Hci: 11,000 to 30,000 Oe, BHmax: 35 to 50MGOe )
17.Electro Acoustic Field:Receiver,Speaker,Microphone,Audio alarm stage,Loudspeaker
18.Motor Field:Voice coil motor (VCM), CD\DVD-ROM, Generator, Vibration Motor, Brushless Motor, Vehicle Motor
19.Electronics:watt-hour meter, count table , Pressure meter, Energy meter
20.Machinery Equipments:Valve, Magnetic separator, NC machine tool, De-ironing separator, Magnetic drive pump, Magnetic Suspension System
21.Medical Care:Magnet Therapy device, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Magnet Jewelry
22.Others:Toy magnet, Bag magnet, Craft Gift Package

We can produce top grade neodymium magnet,

like N52,N50M,N48H,N45SH,N42UH,N40EH,35AH (max 250C) magnet.

We are professional sintered ndfeb magnet manufacturer, we mainly produce high quality sintered ndfeb magnets, with ENERGY PRODUCTS from 33MGOe to 52MGOe, the operating temperature range is up to 250oC. We produce and design the ndfeb magnet as your specification and requirement.

NdFeB magnet (neodymium magnet) is mainly made from neodymium, iron and boron. With excellent magnetic property, abundant raw material and reasonable prices, NdFeB Magnet is used as an ideal magnet in instruments and meters, mini-motor, magnetic transmission machine, medical apparatus, aviation, electronics and etc. For NdFeB, if left it exposed, the iron in the magnet will rust.

To protect the magnet from corrosion, it is usually preferable for the magnet to be coated. There are a variety of options for coatings, but nickel is the most common and usually preferred. Some other options for coating are zinc and epoxy.

Applications of the Neodymium magnets(Ndfeb Magnet)

Voice coil motor of hard disc motor, pick-up of optical disk drive, mobile phones, magnetic resonance image, Hi-Fi system, auto motors, wind-power generators, MRIs, magnetic separators, lifting equipment, spaceflight equipment and new energy products, etc. Especially suitable for the development of high-performance, compact and light products.

1.Electro-Acoustic Field: Receiver, Speaker, Microphone, Audio alarm stage, Loudspeaker

2.Motor Field: Voice coil motor (VCM), CD\DVD-ROM, Generator, Vibration Motor, Brushless Motor, Vehicle Motor

3.Electronics: watt-hour meter, count table , Pressure meter, Energy meter

4.Machinery Equipments: Valve, Magnetic separator, NC machine tool, De-ironing separator, Magnetic drive pump, Magnetic Suspension System

5.Medical Care: Magnet Therapy device, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Magnet Jewelry

6.Others: Toy magnet, Bag magnet, Craft Gift Package

NdFeB Permanent Magnets

The third generation of rare earth-permanent magnetic ND2Fe14B is the strongest performance of permanent magnetic in the contemporary era. Its possess a high potential magnetic properties, can be easy to be cutting and drilling, so as processing of complex shape. Now, permanent magnetic ND2Fe14B are widely used in aeronautics and astronautics, electronic, electromechanical, instrument, medical treatment. Besides, it also have a growing market in non-technical field, such as toy, jewelry and so on.

Production process:

Charge mixture--->Smelt--->Powder process--->Forming--->Clotting--->Testing--->Machining--->Electroplate--->Magnetization--->Checkout--->Packing

Advantages of NdFeB

1)Possess a first-class position in the permanent magnets' performance.

2Possess a excellent mechanical properties, thus it can be easily cutting drilling and complex shape processing.

3)Possess a cheap raw materials and abundant storage, which contribute to it tangible benefits prices.

4)Possess a value of BHmax 5-12 times more than Ferrite magnets, and 3-10 times more than AlNiCo magnets.

5)Possess a ability of coercive equivalent 5-10 times more than Ferrite magnets, and 5-15 times more than AlNiCo magnets.

6)Possess a high potential of its performance, for it can absorb the heavy weight which is 640 times to its own.

Surface treatment:

1)Plating with metals, such as galvanizing, nickeling, gilding, silvering, etc.

2)Organic plating, for instance, Epoxy resin coating, nickel + epoxy resin coating.

3)Temporary: Surface passivation.

4)Coated black or others.

Shape of products: Ring shape, round cake, square, trapezoid, spherical, tile. Cylindrical, pentagram, etc. And we can also according to customer's drawings to make any shapes by line cutting and die bed.

Please tell us your dimension as follows:

Size: OR*IR*LENGTH*ANGEL( arc shape)

OR*IR*THICKENESS (for ring shape

Drawings would be highly appreciated

Grade: N33,N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52, (M, H, SH, EH, UH )

Magnetized direction: through thickness/length/ diameter/ axial/ isotropic/anisotropic, and pair magnetized

Coating: Nickel, Black nickel, Zinc, Black epoxy resin, etc

Tolerance: unless specified requirements, +/-0.1mm,+/-0.05mm

Early quotation will be available within 24 hours!


AC,DC,servo motors (with segment magnets).

Speaker parts (with ring magnet).

Sensors part.

Magnetic coupling(with segment magnets)

Magnetic chuck (with big blocks magnet)

Security systems

Magnetic separators


Brushless motor.

Technical Support: ISO & RoHS

Production Equipments:

Quality Management

Shipment Methods:

Greatly appreciate your inquiry!


Learn more about products detailed description,

price, service, etc, Please send mail toMs. Coco Liao!


magnet678& (Email)

Packaging Detail:standard air/sea protective package(platic bag+white box+carton), unless specified requirements.
Delivery Detail:Within 7-30 days after you confirmed order.

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