dye sublimation printing aluminium sheet - 204158

dye sublimation printing aluminium sheet, 1.High definition, 2.Amazing depth, 3.Exceptional clarity - details see: http://www.sourcingmetals.com/dye-sublimation-printing-aluminium-sheet-10140412
Grade: 1000 SeriesTemper: OtherType: OtherApplication: sublimation printing
Thickness: 1.14mmWidth: 48"Surface Treatment: CoatedAlloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Place of Origin: Kentucky United StatesBrand Name: ChromaluxeModel Number: 204158Size: 200,7 x 200,7 mm
Colour: Gloss whiteShape Name: Prague  
dye sublimation printing aluminium sheet
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dye sublimation printing aluminium sheet

Creative Borders

ChromaLuxe Creative Borders are aluminum shaped photo panels that celebrate your unique style and enhance any room of your home. They come in nine different designs and each design has three sizes.

Item #DescriptionSize (in)Size (mm)
204150Gloss white aluminum panel - Belfast7.5"x7.5"190,6 x 190,6 mm
204148Gloss white aluminum panel - Pamplona7.75"x7.75"196,9 mm
204158Gloss white aluminum panel - Prague7.9"x7.9"200,7 x 200,7 mm
204093Gloss white aluminum panel - Fiji8"x8"203,2x203,2 mm
204089Gloss white aluminum panel - Milan8"x8"203,2x203,2 mm
204094Gloss white aluminum panel - Sydney10"x8"254x203,2 mm
204087Gloss white aluminum panel - Benelux11.37"x8"288,798x203,2 mm
204088Gloss clear aluminum panel - Benelux11.37"x8"288,798x203,2 mm
204167Gloss white aluminum panel - Crete11.5"x5.75"292,2x146 mm
204163Gloss white aluminum panel - Prague11.75"x11.75"298,5x298,5 mm
204159Gloss white aluminum panel - Pamplona11.75"x11.75"298,5x298,5 mm
204161Gloss white aluminum panel - Belfast11.75"x11.75"298,5x298,5 mm
204149Gloss white aluminum panel - Berlin11.93"x7.93"303x201,4 mm
204096Gloss white aluminum panel - Milan12"x12"304,8x304,8 mm
204097Gloss white aluminum panel - Fiji12"x12"304,8x304,8 mm
204098Gloss white aluminum panel - Sydney14"x11"355,6x279,4 mm
204099Gloss white aluminum panel - Benelux15.64"x11.125"397,256x279,4 mm
204100Gloss clear aluminum panel - Benelux15.64"x11.125"397,256x279,4 mm
204168Gloss white aluminum panel - Crete16"x8"406,4x203,2 mm
204165Gloss white aluminum panel - Berlin16"x10.64"406,4x270,3 mm
204169Gloss white aluminum panel - Crete19"x9.5"482,6x241,3 mm
204166Gloss white aluminum panel - Berlin19"x12"482,6x304,8 mm
204160Gloss white aluminum panel - Pamplona19"x19"482,6x482,6 mm
204162Gloss white aluminum panel - Belfast19"x19"482,6x482,6 mm
204164Gloss white aluminum panel - Prague19"x19"482,6x482,6 mm

Packaging Detail:20pieces/pack, 10 packs/carton
Delivery Detail:As your order

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