E1403,embossing cylinder 20, 3D pattern laser engraving - Embossing Roller, different designs, high accuracy

Embossing Roller, 1. 750*6000mm, 2. 3D pattern,laser engraving, 3. hot fabric,plastic film/sheet,aluminum foil,cigarette paper - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/e1403-embossing-cylinder-20-3d-pattern-laser-engraving-10193156
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name: Shanghai Donghui RollerModel Number: Embossing Roller, different designs, high accuracy, 1*10 m.Max Diametre: 750mm
Max Length: 6000mm   
E1403,embossing cylinder 20, 3D pattern laser engraving
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embossing cylinder, Shanghai Donghui Roller isvery good at this, which iswell knownexpert all over the world, which is famous manufacture in making rollers.

  • Embossing Roller’s Details:

1. Materials:45# seamless steel tubes, forge alloy steel pipes

2. Pattern:world modern processing insure embossing roller's pattern true up to 98%.3D, laster engraving.

3. Inner Structure: all kinds of flow channel or jacket-type design. They finish heating or cooling. Surface is coating Chroming or other. Hardness of surface is HRC55-58.

4. Application:used in plastic films/sheets/plates, textiles, paper, leather, leather, metal, cigarette case packing, wallpaper, aluminum foil, glass and soon.

  • Embossing Roller’s Photos:

  • Donghui Roller’s main Products
Product NameProduct Brief, up to 750*6000mmProduct Picture
Embossing Roller
  1. 3D, laser engraving,special engraving.
  2. Emboss with paper roller or rubber roller
Mirror Roller
  1. Ra0.01, accurancy is 0.001mm
Anilox Roller
  1. Chrome anilox roller is 0~300LPI.
  2. Ceramic anilox roller is 0~1200LPI.
  3. Pattern is pyramid,comby,dot,mess dot,diamond,hexagon,sloping line and others.
Heating Roller

Cooling Roller

  1. HRC55~58.
  2. Inner structure.
  3. Precision: temperature difference <= 1°C, heating transform <= 0.02mm, concentric <= 0.005mm.
Teflon Roller
  1. Anti sticking.
  2. High temperature resistance.
Ink proofer A
  1. 0~300LPI.
  2. For water based inks or coatings.
Ink proofer B
  1. 0~1200LPI.
  2. For water based inks or coatings.
  • Donghui Roller’s measurement

  • Donghui Roller’s profile:
  • Donghui Rollerwas founded in 2004, one famous roller manufacture all over the world.
  • Main Products areEmbossing Roller, Anilox Roller, Mirror Roller, Heating Roller, Cooling Roller, ink prooferetc.
  • Max diameter is up to750 mm, and max length is6000 mm.
  • Raw material isCarbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steeland others.
  • Embossing roller, laser engravuring, 3D design and others technology.
  • Mirror roller, Ra is up to 0.01, accurancy is 0.001 mm.
  • Heating roller or cooling roller, inner structure, inform temperature.
  • Anilox roller, for embossing, coating, inking etc.
  • Donghui Roller’s buildings:

  • Donghui Roller’s office:

  • How to get Donghui Roller?

Shanghai Donghui Roller specializes in making high accuracy embossing cylinder

Packaging Detail:wooden box
Delivery Detail:within 30 days

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