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The waterproof, green building, lime-based material, Modern, easy to use, maintenance-free, tadelakt plaster. - details see: //
Place of Origin: FranceType: Hydrated LimeApplication: Architectural paintShape: Powder
Model Number: TadelaktProBrand Name: Perfectino TadelaktRaw Material: LimestoneColors: Any with natural pigments
Ecological Waterproof Tadelakt Wall Coating
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What is Tadelakt?

The traditional Moroccan tadelakt is a unique coating material with fungicidal properties and natural water repellency.
Tadelakt is not a standardized finish. The surface seems to change in colour tone depending on the lighting conditions.Tadelakt has a shiny, slightlywavy appearance and is coloured with the same mineral pigments that have been used since antiquity. Tadelakt develops veryfine hairline cracks that add to the ancient appearance of the finish. Over time, Tadelakt develops a patinathat creates a subtle ever-changing lumination.

Because of its unique characteristics, Tadelakt can be made to seamlessly coverwalls, ceilings, showers, and even bathtubs.
Have a look at the endless opportunities offered by this traditional natural render.

What is TadelaktPro™?

Perfectino TADELAKT is the modern version of this traditional plaster.Easy and fast to install, with a better resistance to water and scratch than the raw morroccan lime. But still completely natural.

Perfectino TadelaktPro™is a waterproof, lime based plaster for interior and exterior use.Its strength and marble like appearance makes itideal for bathrooms, kitchens, or any room in the home.
This very special finish follows closely the old MoroccanTadelakt tradition in terms of aestethics and installation.But it surpasses the traditional material in terms of smoothness and waterproofness, and, most important for installation in public places,requires little or no maintenance.

What is the difference between Morrocan Tadelakt and TadelaktPro™?

The manufacturing process of handmade Moroccan tadelakt make this product very difficult to implement, requiring specific training and experience before they can master it.The impure composition with the presence of calcium oxide highly caustic, makes the material unstable over time and with a limited shelf life, and therefore difficult to export.

Perfectino TadelaktPro™was developed to provide a modern and reliable alternative to traditional Moroccan tadelakt.A material manufactured according to industrial standards.
TadelaktPro ™ retains all the technical and aesthetic qualities of traditional tadelakt by adding asimplified implementation and increased strength.A mixture of five different natural limestone, which integrates the latest technological advances in the form of nano-compounds.
TadelaktPro ™ is a safe and friendly environment material thatdoes not contain resins and no VOCs.

Perfectino TadelaktPro ™ has been subjected to stress tests by an independent laboratory according to official European standards and is guaranteed by the EC label.All results are available upon request.

Perfectino TadelaktPro™ material cost around 5 Euros /m² or .5 Euros / squ.ft. (retail prices)


We can deliver the material in big bags of 250kg, 500kg or 1000kg.


Now, you can buy online, we will ship worldwide.Ask us for batch and quantity.

Perfectino can supply professional supervisors to train local workers.


Perfectino range of products are being distributed trough a growing network of dealers and distributors.
If you have interest in becoming a local partner, please contact us:

Packaging Detail:Big-bags 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg Container 20t
Delivery Detail:1-2 week

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