Fe-based amorphous ribbon - LZ-N

High saturation magnetic induction, High magnetic permeability, Low core loss, Low coersive force, Reasonable price,High quality - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/fe-based-amorphous-ribbon-10190620
Place of Origin: Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name: DevelopModel Number: LZ-NType: Soft
Composite: amorphousShape: CoilApplication: Industrial MagnetCertificate: ISO9001:2000
Standard: 2605SA1Width: 5mm -142mmGrade: 1K101,1K107Material: Amorphous/nanocrystalline
Delivery time: 5-10 days   
Fe-based amorphous ribbon
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Product Description


a.Transformer cores for high frequency switch mode power supplies.

b.Current transformer cores for electric industry.

c.Transformer cores for ground-fault-interrupters.

d.Cores for filters,storage inductors,and reactors.

e.EMC common mode chokes.

f. Sensor cores.

g.Cores for saturable reactors,magnetic amplifiers,beads,and pulse compressors.

Physical properties:

Saturate Induction1.25THardness Hv880kg/mm2
Curie Temperature560 degree CDensity7.2g/cm3
Crystallization Temperature510 degree CResistivity130μΩ-cm
Saturate Magnetostriction2×10-6

Magnetic properties:

Product typeTransverse field annealedNo field annealedLongitudinal field annealed
Initial permeability>3×104>8×104>1×104
Maximum permeability>5×104>45×104>50×104
Core loss (20kHz, 0.5T)<50 W/kg<25W/kg<90W/kg
Core loss (100kHz, 0.3T)<150W/kg<150W/kg<300W/kg
Variation of core loss (-55-125)<15%<15%<15%

Customized sizes are available upon requests.

Packaging Detail:plywood containers
Delivery Detail:5-10 working days

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