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Supply Ferrite drum core with pins, DR6*8, DR8*10, DR8*12, DR10*12,etc. - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/ferrite-drum-core-with-pins-10190445
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: mwModel Number: uuType: Soft
Composite: Ferrite MagnetApplication: Industrial Magnet  
Ferrite drum core with pins
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We dealing with ferrite cores, Drum Cores(with pins),iron powder cores, transformer bobbins, tubular ceramic capacitors, magnets and related accessories.

At present our markets are USA, Italy, India, Germany, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

We are continously exploring new markets for our product.

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DR2W 3*43.0±0.151.5±0.154.0±0.31.25±0.151.5±0.151.45
DR2W 4*5.54.0±0.152.0±0.155.5±0.31.6±0.152.3±0.151.75
DR2W 4*5.5(S)4.5±0.152.0±0.155.5±0.31.6±0.152.3±0.151.75
DR2W 5*7 P2.55±0.152.0±0.157.0±0.32.0±0.153.0±0.152.5
DR2W 6*8.3(S)6±0.22.5±0.28.3±0.32.15±0.154.0±0.153
DR2W 8*108±0.23.5±0.1510±0.42.25±0.155.5±0.25
DR2W 9*129±0.34±0.1512±0.32.5±0.157±0.25
DR2W 10*1210±0.34±0.212±0.32.5±0.157±0.25
DR2W 10*1610±0.35±0.216±0.33±0.1510±0.25
DR2W 14*1514±0.35.3±0.1515±0.33±0.159±0.27.5
DR2W 16*1816±0.38.0±0.218±0.32.75±0.212.5±0.210
DR2W 18*1818±0.310.0±0.218±0.44.0±0.210.0±0.213
DR2W 18*2018±0.310.0±0.220±0.35.0±0.310.0±0.213


Packaging Detail:standard sea worthy package
Delivery Detail:30 days

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