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Place of Origin: Pakistan   
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We can supply Pakistan's origin Gypsum in bulk.
Quality Standards : We can certainly supply quality according to our analysis report with less than 10% quality margins. Gypsum Purity : 84% to 93%
Usage: Gypsum Board | Gypsum Tiles, Plaster; Plaster of Paris, Dental Stone Plaster, Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner, Portland Cement, Cosmetics, Gypsum Sculptures
Why Surg Inc. ? We Surg Incorporation have immerse experience of mining , digging, crushing and grounding powder of different grades of Gypsum. We are well-aware of importance of supply chain so we do not take supply orders more than our production/supplying capacity.
As Pakistan has tons of reserves of Gypsum, we can supply quality products at very distinguished price.

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