Hard ferrite powder for bonded magnets - BMXF-2H

1.Used for semi-anisotopic bonded magnet, Sound dampening of automotive, fridge magnets,visual aids and, Sealing strip - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/hard-ferrite-powder-for-bonded-magnets-10190486
Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland)Brand Name: BgrimmModel Number: BMXF-2HType: Permanent
Composite: Ferrite MagnetShape: PowderApplication: Industrial Magnet 
Hard ferrite powder for bonded magnets
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1. Introduction of Product

BMXF-2H is a barium ferrite powder for the preparation of semi-anisotopic bonded magnets. It is compatible with the matrix material, such as CPE, NBR. Permanent magnets are formed by extrudering technique.

2. Typical Powder Properties

Chemical Composition BaFe12O19

Average Partical Size 1.4-2.0 µm

Moisture <0.5 %

Property of powder compacted model (Test condition A)


3. Bonded Magnet properties(Test Condition B)

Weight% Loading%89.5
Residual Induction(Br)Gs2100-2300
Coercive Force(bHc)Oe1500-1900
Intrinsic Coercive Force(iHc)Oe1940-2340
Peak Energy Product(BHmax)MGOe1.0-1.3

4. Test condition

Test condition A:

40 grams of powder mixed with 4 grams of wax heated at 110°C for 15 minutes to make the wax melt. Then make the mixed powder pass through a 40-mesh sifter. 18 grams of the - 40-mesh powder is compressed at a 1.6´104N/cm2pressure to get a green sample for magnetic properties measuring.

Test condition B:

Compounding Equipment: Two roll rubber mill.

The two rollmill is heated to 80 °C . 32 grams of binder is sheeted onto the mill and 460 grams of BMXF-2H powder is added and mixed with the binder. This mill sheet is calendered onto another which roll gap is adjusted to produce a 2.7mm sheet. A portion of this mill sheet is evaluated to determine magnetic properties.

5.Inspection Record for User

1) Name of material

2) Lot No.

3) Delivered Weight

4) Moisture

5) Magnetic Properties (under test condition)

Packaging Detail:Plastic bags for 25 kgs
Delivery Detail:one week

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