hydrate lime

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hydrate lime
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Hydrated Lime is in 1 Use in many factories as raw material 2 Available in various percentages 3 Varying from 50% to 90%

Hydrated Lime is manufactured through the lime or we can say that the Limestone is the raw material of Hydrated Lime. It is available in various percentages varying from 60% to 90% the mostly used percentage of Hydrated Lime is 80 % and 85 % rest is made according to the requirements and orders of the factory. It has magnesium, silica, iron, aluminum and calcium carbonate and other impurities. The color, mesh value as well as the percentage of iron, aluminum, silica and other impurities varies according to the percentage of hydrate lime. The best type of Hydrated Lime is that in which there is less percentage of impurities and other materials.

It is the cheapest alkaline and used in mostly all the fields. it is used in medical field in the medicines used in paints to make paints used in dyes to make colors it is the cheapest pollution controller as it purifies the waste water of the factories and in the steel industry as influent used in sugar and paper industries to purify and cleaning of sugar and paper . It is used in the process house. It is used to form carbides & used as the raw material in bleaching industry. In the foreign countries, it is used in making roads. Layers are put downward. Then the leveling is done, as the Hydrated lime is good absorbers of water. These are the benefits of hydrated lime that it is used in modern scientific society.

Hydrated Lime is manufactured as under:- 1. CaCO3 - (ignition) from 900* to 1000* CaO + CO2 Limestone = -----------. Lime + carbon dioxide

2. CaO + H2O ---- Ca(OH)2 Lime + water = Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime

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