Hydrated Lime

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Type: Hydrated Lime   
Hydrated Lime
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Hydrated Lime
Ourrange inclusive of hydrated lime (80-95%, 1000 Mesh) has strong bindingproperties and hence finds usage in building and construction industry.We pass our product through stringent quality parameters in our wellequipped laboratories to ensure that our product suits thespecifications of the client and the application area.

This isavailable on Ex Factory basis in truckloads or Ex Godown Bhiwandi Basisin small lots, as per individually needs in various grades, such as

  • 70 - 75%
  • 80 - 85%
  • 90 - 92%
  • 93 - 94%

Wegenerally recommended 90 - 92% to our regular clientele, as thisreduces sludge formation than the lower grade materials, whichultimately economizes the labour cost.

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