Isotropic ferrite magnet - Ferrite

1, Low cost;, 2, High working temperature;, 2, Excellent corrosion resistance, 3, Good resistance to demagnetise. - details see: //
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: MeankModel Number: FerriteType: Permanent
Composite: Ferrite MagnetShape: disc,Block, Disc, Cylinder, Ring, Arc, Segment, etcApplication: Industrial Magnet,industry, loudspeaker, motor, etcMaterial: strontium carbonate and Iron oxide
popular grade: Y25, Y30, Y30BH, etc   
Isotropic ferrite magnet
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Iron Oxide and barium or strontium carbonate


Block, Disc, Cylinder, Ring, Arc, Segment, etc

Processing :

Ferrite magnet is brittle. It can be made into different shapes and sizes by dry pressing then sintered. Beside sintered ferrite magnet, there is bonded ferrite magnet(injection ferrite magnet). But sintered ferrite magnet are more popular and widely used.


Ferrite magnets are widely used in motors, sensors, loudspeakers, holding-magnet system, magnetic couplings, magnetic therapy, toys, etc.

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By air, by courier, by sea

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Ferrite Magnet Properties:

GradeBrHcBHcJ(BH)maxWork Temp
China StandardIEC standardmTkA/m(min.)kA/m(min.)kJ/m(min.)°C(max.)
Y10THF 8/22200-235125-160210-2806,5-9,5250
Y20HF 20/19320-380135-190140-19518,0-22,0250
Y22HHF 20/28310-360220-250280-32020,0-24,0250
Y23HF 22/30320-370170-190190-23020,0-25,0250
Y25HF 24/16360-400135-170140-20022,5-28,0250
Y26HHF 24/23360-390220-250225-25523,0-28,0250
Y26H-2HF 24/35360-380263-288318-35024,0-28,0250
Y28HF 26/16370-400175-210180-22026,0-30,0250
Y25HHF 26/18360-390175-215215-23024,0-27,0250
Y28HHF 26/24380-400240-260250-28027,0-30,0250
Y28H-2HF 26/26360-380270-295380-40526,0-30,0250
Y30HF 28/16380-385190-210200-22026,0-28,0250
Y30BHHF 28/28380-400230-275235-29027,0-32,0250
Y30H-2HF 30/26395-415275-300310-33528,5-32,5250
Y32HF 32/17400-420160-190165-19530,0-33,5250
Y33HF 32/22410-430220-250225-25531,5-35,0250
Y33HHF 32/25410-430240-270250-27531,5-35,0250
Packaging Detail:standard carton box package for air and sea shippment
Delivery Detail:15-45days

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