lime hydrator

It is widely used in chemical industry,environmental desulfurization,semi-dry desulfurization,lime finishing,fine chemical. - details see: //
Place of Origin: Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name: luxingcapacity: 1-30t/hrpercent conversion: 96%
BET: standardmoisture retained: less than 1%dustiness at the vent of dustiness: less than 30mg/m3quicklime needed: 0.75t/every tone hydrated lime
water needed: 0.5m/every tone hydrated limepower needed: 4kwh/every tone hydrated lime  
lime hydrator
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Hydrated lime production line

Anhui Luxing Environmental EngineeringTechnology Co.,Ltd. is a high technology enterprise which specializes in manufacturing complete equipments used for producting hydrated lime(Ca(OH)2).We have the right of import,export,and agent,together with the research ,design,manufactureand sale of accessory equipments,and our product has gained great population all over the world.

We are professional in manufacturing various factories factories and following areas:

Lime producing line for lime plant

Sticky material calcium treating machinein sewage treatment

Building material manufacturing line for mining area

Calcium treating machine in sewage treatment

Desulfurization equipment

High quality hydrated lime production line

Wet lime dust collector

Company NameAnhui Luxing Environmental Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:No.2 Jiangpu Road,Chahe country,Chuzhou,Anhui province,China
Shipping methodBy ship

Three-stage hydrator:

Our Advantages:

1:Years of experience with lime and hydrating systems

2:Rearch and Developed patent Dust Collector which especial for Lime dust

3:True understanding of progress conditions.Choose best equipment for each customer.

4:Capable of installing anywhere around the world.

5:Control systems for entire facility.

Lime hydrating flowchart:

The crushed and weighed quicklime from the constant weight feeder enters the three -stage lime hydrator where water is mixed with the qiicklime in the required proportions to achievescomplete hydration.According to different progress requipments,it is able to make serious fluid becoming differentsized hydrated lime power by the air separator.

The advantages and principles of three-stage hydrator as below:

1:It will control the reaction time and fully hydrate the Cao by only 8-15minutes.

2:Hydrator has good heat -insulating property.The uniquedesign makes a lot of heat generated in the reaction of Cao to be converted inside and reused.It will raise the inner temperature to 60degrees by only 3-5 minutes and make the Cao to the fully hydrated.

3:Feeding progress control:Sending the needed materials into thr first stage reaction cabin through the screw feeded.

4:Three-stage hydrate reactionwith waterdistribution

The hierarchical and scientific distribution of water can make the Cao to be fully pre hydrated.After mixing with reasonable water in the first stage reaction cabin,then enterinto the second one.This progress is the best reaction time of Cao.When entering into the third one,hydrated Caoissemi-dry state.The whole three stage finally make the Cao completely become the fluffy powder.And the entire reaction progress needs about 15-20minutes.

5:Remove dust to keep clean and healthy

This device,according to envirenmental requirements,equipped with our patent dust remove device,will solve the problem pf the steam and dust pollutionproduced during hydrating,so that ensure the clean of the environment and the healthy of works.

6:According to client's requirements,our hydrating machine can match follow up equipments such as lime pulp machine,dregsextrator,filter and so on,in order to producer high purity hydrated lime zmulsion with different Ca(OH)2content.

Standard technology index of hydrator :

Percent conversion96%
Retained moistureless than 1%
Dustiness at the vent of dust collectorless than 30 mg/m3
Quicklime needed0.75t/every tone hydrated lime
Water needed0.5m3/every ton hydrated lime
Power needed4kwh/every ton hydrated lime

Our patented invention-Wet Lime Dust Collector:

Application Area:

Our patented wet lime dust collector widely apply in lime plant,iron works,power plant abd chemical industry.

Main principle and advantages:

Dust and Steam enter dust removal water cabin though dust cage and dust pipe.After complete treating with the dust,discharge clean gas from the vent.During solving dust and steam ,water in cabin turns out hot slimewater by absorbing dust and steam,then via high pressure pump,throwing into pipesfor cycling usagein the water system.


1:Realize the cycling usage of water and the reuse of overflow dust

2:Recycle waste heat ofhot steam which can improve the hydrating rate,save energy,solve the dust pollution problem and raise working effeciency finally.

Our customers:

Packaging Detail:nude packing
Delivery Detail:60 working days after receipt of prepayment

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