Lime stone powder - GCC_LC 08

1. Powder, Lump, 2. Used in Plastic, Master-batch, Paint, Building- material, 3.Printing- Ink, Cosmetic,.. - details see: //
Size: 8umType: Quick LimeApplication: MedicalShape: Powder
Model Number: GCC_LC 08Brand Name: Vietnam LatcaRaw Material: LimestoneGCC_LC 08: super fine
Lime stone powder
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SuperFine CaCO3- GCC-LC08

(Uncoated Stearic Acid)

- D50 ≤2.0µm

- D97 =8±2µm

- 1.880 mesh



CaCO3Content≥ 98%Brightness≥ 93.00 %

MgO Content

≤ 0,16%

pH8.0 ÷ 9.0
Fe2O3Content≤ 0,01%Moisture≤ 0,2%
Al2O3Content≤ 0,04%Density2.7g/cm3
SiO2Content≤ 0,01%Oil absorption≥ 23g/100g CaCO3
Na2O Content≤ 0,16%Loss on ignition Content≤ 43,08%

Main Applications

- Paper Manufacture

- Printing-ink

- Plastic Manufacture

- Cosmetic Manufature

- Poli etylen

- Rubber Additive

- Painting Manufacture

- Casting Products

- Industrial addictive


Manufactured in Vietnam Latca factory, the material resource is almost from the Mongson and Tan Minh mine in Yenbai province in Vietnam.

Packaging Detail:Products are packed in 25kg PP or GCC-LC08 is also packing from 1 ton to 1.5 ton in Jumbo bag or required without cost.
Delivery Detail:7 days

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