magnesium plates(for vibration testing equipment) - AZ31B

1. Magnesium Tooling plates, 2. Hot rolled production processing, 3. Grade: AZ31B - details see: //
Place of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland)Brand Name: ZhengAoModel Number: AZ31BThickness: 1-600mm
Width: up to 2800mmLength: up to 6000mmMaterial: MagnesiumGrade: Mg Al
surface: polished   
magnesium plates(for vibration testing equipment)
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MAGNESIUM TOOLING PLATE is specially produced to provide a flat plate surface with moderate strength and ductility. The production process results in plate with exceptional dimensional stability in machining and remains stable over time. There is sufficient ductility for limited room temperature forming combined with weldability to allow the manufacture of a multitude of complex parts. Wrought magnesium tooling plate (Alloy AZ31B) has the following benefits and characteristics:

DAMPINGAbsorbs vibration for longer life, while retaining dimensional stability.
TOOLING4 to 5 times greater tool life.
FINISHUp to 5 times more machinable than rolled aluminum.
COSTSMachine dry, without oil or chemicals.
WEIGHTEasier handling saves energy and time.
FLATNESSEliminates surface machining.
STABILITYNo stress relief after machining; no warps and is dent resistant.
WELDINGStrong weldments up to 95% of parent metal, with minimal porosity.
ALKALI-RESISTANTMakes for easy cleaning.
CORROSION RESISTANTA wide variety of chemical treatments exists for corrosion protection, alteration of surface appearance, and to provide a base for painting. Basic engineering precautions averts galvanic corrosion.
STRENGTHExcellent strength and stiffness per unit weight.
NON-GALLINGSound and rugged surface, offering a low coefficient of friction and minimum wear,


Ideal for a broad range of operating temperatures, from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
NONMAGNETICGood for electrical and computer applications.


Greater amount of finished magnesium material obtained, pound for pound.
SALVAGEScrap retains a consistently high level of value.


Those applications requiring a flat surface or high dimensional stability benefit from the use of magnesium tooling plate. Typical uses included jigs, fixtures, optical benches, vibration test equipment and inspection gauges. Magnesium Tooling Plate is non-magnetic and has high electrical and thermal conductivity filling many material requirements in the electronics and computer industries.

Using for the slip table of the vibration testing equiment.

Using for the slip table of the vibration testing shakers

Magnesium Tooling Plate Flatness Tolerances

Max. deviation from flat as measured by a straight edge placed on plate surface.

Specified Plate Gauge

Max. allowed deviation from flat

Over (mm)Thru (mm)In any 300mmIn any 1500mmIn any 2000mm




Specified Plate Gauge

Typical tooling plate deviation from flat

Over (mm)Thru (mm)In any 300mmIn any 1500mmIn any 2000mm

Other sizes are available subject to enquiry, up to a maximum per plate weight of 1100kg.

Maximum gauge: 200mm; Maximum width 2000mm; Maximum length: 6000mm

Packaging Detail:in close wooden box with PE
Delivery Detail:Within 25 days after received the prepayment or notice of the LC

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