Magnetic beads for Biological - huier-mb-001

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Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name: HuierModel Number: huier-mb-001Type: bio-magnetic-beads
Composite: NdFeB MagnetShape: BallApplication: Industrial Magnet 
Magnetic beads for Biological
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Magnetic beads for Biological

Magnetic Separation Technology

Surface-activated Huierbeads

A wide product portfolio for flexible molecular separations

The attraction is simply magnetisk

Select your surface-activated Huierbeads

→Monosized beads for rapid and efficient separations

→Easy handling, and no sample loss

→Superior reproducibility

→A variety of ways to bind your ligand

Huierbeads magnetic separation technology

The monodisperse and uniform Huierbeads provide optimal accessibility and highly reproducible reaction kinetics, ensuring rapid and efficient binding of your target molecules under conditions causing minimal stress. Magnetite particles can be used in biomedical applications. The Huierbeads disperse easily and are handled like a liquid. They exhibit no bead-to-bead magnetic attraction. Due to their superparamagnetic properties, they migrate to the magnet only when placed in a magnetic field. When the magnetic fieldis removed, the Huierbeads immediately lose all their magnetic remanence and are easily resuspended.

Specific chemical groups facilitate binding of almost any ligand to the surface of the Huierbeads for easy, convenient, and reliable isolation of your target (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Huierbeads magnetic separation technology utilizes the gentle affinity interactions between bead-bound ligands and their specific targets. Protocols take place in a single tube, with just a few handling steps. Magnetic separation allows easy washing and concentration of your target material.

The Huierbeads product portfolio

To meet the specific requirements of different applications, surface-activated Huierbeads are available in a range of different bead sizes and surface chemistries (see ordering information). Different ligands (antibodies, proteins, etc.) require different bead surface properties and immobilization chemistries.

Magnetic separation is increasingly used as a flexible and efficient tool in bioseparations. Gentle magnetic separation provides the opportunity to work with concentrated protein solutions throughout the isolation procedure, preserving both large protein complexes and the native state of proteins. No columns or centrifugations are needed.

Huierbeads bring reproducibility and robustness to your research.

Ordering information



SizeQuantity (ml)Cat. No.
Bio-magnetic beads, Plain30200 nm100HRSWCZ-01N200
Bio-magnetic beads, Plain30800 nm100HRSWCZ-01N800
Bio-magnetic beads, Silicic modified100200 nm100HRSWCZ-02N200
Bio-magnetic beads, Silicic modified1001 μm100HRSWCZ-02U001
Bio-magnetic beads, Amino modified1030 nm100HRSWCZ-03N030
Bio-magnetic beads, Amino modified1050 nm100HRSWCZ-03N050
Bio-magnetic beads, Amino modified10100 nm100HRSWCZ-03N100
Bio-magnetic beads, Amino modified30200 nm100HRSWCZ-03N200
Bio-magnetic beads, Amino modified301 μm100HRSWCZ-03U001
Bio-magnetic beads, Amino modified303 μm100HRSWCZ-03U003
Bio-magnetic beads, Carboxylic modified1030 nm100HRSWCZ-04N030
Bio-magnetic beads, Carboxylic modified1050 nm100HRSWCZ-04N050
Bio-magnetic beads, Carboxylic modified10100 nm10HRSWCZ-04N100
Bio-magnetic beads, Carboxylic modified30200 nm10HRSWCZ-04N200
Bio-magnetic beads, Carboxylic modified301 μm10HRSWCZ-04U001
Bio-magnetic beads, Carboxylic modified303 μm10HRSWCZ-04U003
Bio-magnetic beads,Epoxy modified301 μm10HRSWCZ-05U001
Bio-magnetic beads,Epoxy modified303 μm10HRSWCZ-05U003
Bio-magnetic beads,Aldehydic modified303μm10HRSWCZ-06U003
Bio-magnetic beads, Sulfydryl modified301 μm10HRSWCZ-07U001
Huierbeads Streptavidin101 μm10HRSWCZ-09U001
Packaging Detail:bottle 5ml ,10ml,100ml
Delivery Detail:10 days when the orders have confirmed

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