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Cast alnico magnet, 1. Good magnetic properties, 2. High working temperature - details see: //
Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland)Brand Name: DexingModel Number: DXType: Permanent
Composite: AlNiCo MagnetShape: CoilApplication: Industrial MagnetCast alnico magnet: Cast alnico magnet
manufacture cast alnico magnet
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Cast Alnico magnets

Grade: AlNiCo 2, AlNiCo 3, AlNiCo 5, AlNiCo 8, AlNiCo 9 etc.

Key Advantages:

1. Strong Corrosion Resistances.

2. Excellent Temperature Stability.

3. Fine Grain.

4. Compact Crystal.

5. Excellent Magnetic Consistence.

6. Then maximum working temperature is up to 550 degrees.

7. Suitable for small volume and complex shape magnets.


1. Inner magnetic voltmeter/ammeter, measuring instrument, avometer, flow meter.

2. Magnetic sensors, polarized relay, temperature and pressure controller.

3. Buzzer of mobile phone, hearing aids, mini speaker.

4. Lighter of automobile, odometer of automobile and motorcycle, permanent motor, adsorptive appliance.

5. Widely applied in high stability field as aviation, space flight and military technology.

In addition, due to the good corrosion resistance characteristic, non-coating is need for surface protection.

Producing process of sintered AlNiCo:

Incoming InspectionMixingMeltingPowderPressing
Packing and DeliveryFinal InspectionShape ProcessingMagnetic TestingCasting

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Packaging Detail:Cast alnico magnets Export carton
Delivery Detail:About 15 days after payment

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