N38H Neodymium magnet/ndfeb magnet/motor magnet - N35-N52, N35M-N50M, N35H-N48H, N33SH-N45SH, N38UH-

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Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland)Brand Name: JXMModel Number: N35-N52, N35M-N50M, N35H-N48H, N33SH-N45SH, N38UH-N40UH, N28EH-N38EHType: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium MagnetShape: block, ring, disc, segment, ball, bar, etcApplication: Industrial MagnetCoating: NiCuNi, Ni, Zn, Epoxy, Gold, etc
Environment: SGS & ROHS   
N38H Neodymium magnet/ndfeb magnet/motor magnet
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NameN38H Neodymium magnet
MaterialSintered NdFeB
Grade & working TemperatureGradeMax. Operating Temperatures
N35-N4580°C (176°F)
N48-N5260°C (160°F)
35M- 50M100°C (212°F)
33H-48H120°C (248°F)
33SH-45SH150°C (302°F)
30UH-40UH180°C (356°F)
28EH-38EH200°C (392°F)
28AH-33AH220°C (428°F)
ShapeArc, Segment, Block, Cube, Tile,Cylinder, Disc, Ring, Rod, Sphere,etc.
CoatingNi, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, Ag, epoxy, passivated,etc.
PackingStandard sea or air packing, such as carton, iron, wooden box, etc.
Delivery date20-25 days after deposit received
ApplicationServo motor, VCM,step motor, brushless motor, texture motor, vibration motor, generator, pump, special motor, wind energy, lifter, speaker, magnetics switch, flow mere, CD,DVD-ROM, watt-hour meter, NMR, medical devices , separator, sensor, etc.

Physical properties of Sintered NdFeB

Temperature Coefficient of Br%/°C-0.11
Vickers HardnessHv600
Tensile Strengthkg/mm28
Specific HeatCak(kg°C)0.12k
Young’s ModulusN/m21.6x1011
Poisson’s Ratio0.24
Curie Temperature°C310-340
Electrical ResistivityΩ.cm144

Characteristics of Surface Treatment

Zn5-10 umBlue Silver≤160°c->48hrprotectgion for most products
Ni+Sn10-30 umSemibright Silver≤160°c>48hr>96hrexcellent climate and salt spray resistance
Ni10-30 umBright Silver≤200°c>48hr>96hrexcellent climate and salt spray resistance, suitable for clean-room
IVD Al10-30 umSilver White≤400°c>48hr>288hrsuperiorresistance to salt & humid atmosphere thickness equality, excellent adhesive attraction
Epoxy10-30 umBlack Gray≤120°c>48hr>288hrwell climate and salt spray resistance

Packaging Detail:standard package, suitable for long-distance sea-transportation or air-transportation
Delivery Detail:as per the ordered quantity

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