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Neodymium magnets, 1. 8 years exportation experence, 2. Quality first, 3. Short lead time, 4. ROHS licence - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/n50-neodymium-magnets-price-10190547
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: Oriental PandaModel Number: N50Type: Permanent,N50 neodymium magnets price
Composite: Rare Earth MagnetShape: DiscApplication: Industrial MagnetMaterial: Neodymium magnets
surface plated: Zinc, Nickel, silver, gold etc.Size: customizedCurie Temperature: 310-380?Maximum Working Temp: 80-240?
Density: 7.5-7.65g/cm³Hardness: 620HvTemp.Coefficient of Br: -0.11~-0.12%/?Temp, Coefficient of Hcj: -0.5~-0.7%/?
N50 neodymium magnets price
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N50 neodymium magnets price

Neodymium magnets is an alloy magnet made from Nd, Fe, B and other metal elements.

As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnets, it is by far the best performance in contemporary.

Specification of Neodymium magnets:

1. Strong, High performance and high qality

2. neodymium magnets price more economiacal than SmCo

3. High intrinsic coercive force after concocting
4. It can stand high working temperature, up to 240 Celsius degree.
5. Needs surface treatment: Zinc, Nickel, Silver, Gold-plating, Phosphor, rubber and Spray Epoxy Resin.
6. Easily formed into various shapes: Disc, Cylinder, Block, Ball etc and customized.

7. Quick delivery and good service

Remark: all neodymium magnets can chip and break. The larger the magnet, the easier this can happen. When placing a magnet on metal, try to ease it onto the surface. If it "flys" onto it, it can shatter. Trust me, I know from experience.
Please exercise caution and planning when using these magnets and they can serve you for a lifetime (and without bruises)

DO NOT allow children to play with these magnets, they are simply too strong.

GradeRemanenceCoercive forceIntrinsic coercive forceMaximum energy productWorking temp
N4012.6-12.91.26-1.2910.5-11.0836-876≥12≥ 95538-40303-318≤80
N4212.6-13.21.26-1.3210.5-11.0836-876≥12≥ 95540-42326-342
N4513.3-13.71.33-1.3710.5-11.0836-876≥12≥ 95543-45342-358
N4813.7-14.11.37-1.4110.5-11.0836-876≥ 12≥ 95546-48367-383
N5014.1-14.51.41-1.4510.5-11.0828-836≥11≥ 87648-50382-398≤70
N5214.4-14.81.44-1.4810.5-11.0828-836≥11≥ 87649.5-52394-414
N45M13.3-13.71.33-1.3710.5-11.0836-976≥ 14≥ 111443-45342-358≤100
N48M13.7-14.11.37-1.4110.5-11.0836-876≥ 14≥ 111446-48367-383
N50M14.1-14.51.41-1.4510.4-10.8836-972≥ 14≥ 111448-50383-398
N40SH12.6-12.91.26-1.2912.0-12.6955-1003≥ 20≥ 159538-40303-318≤150
N42SH12.9-13.21.29-1.3210.5-11.0836-876≥20≥ 159540-42326-342
N45SH13.2-13.61.32-1.3610.5-11.0836-876≥19≥ 151543-45334-358≤140
N35EH11.7-12.11.17-1.2110.8-11.5860-915≥ 30≥238833-36263-287≤200
N38EH12.1-12.61.21-1.2610.8-11.5860-915≥ 30≥238836-38287-303
Packaging Detail:Magnetic isolation carton package
Delivery Detail:7-15 Business Days

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