NdFeb magnet

NdFeB Sintered NdFeB Bonded NdFeB Alnico Sintered Alnico, Cast Alnico Smco SmCo5 Sm2Co17 Ferrite Magnet Sintered ferrite magnet Bonded ferrite magnet Magnet Application Magnet Tool Magnetic Stationery Magnet Smart Learning Toy - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/ndfeb-magnet-10190490
Composite: NdFeB MagnetType: <14inchApplication: Drum Vacuum CleanerSeats: >28inch
NdFeb magnet
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NdFeB magnet is mainly made of Neodymium Iron and Boron,with excellent magnetic propertyabundant raw material and reasonable prices,NdFeB Magnet can be used asan ideal magnet in mini-motor Permanent magnetic resonance sound device magneticsuspension system,magnetic transmission machine and iatrical apparatus and etc.ForNdFeB,its surface is usually treatd with some special methods.The surface treatmentmethod include Zine Nickel Tin Silver Gold plating Phosphor and Spray EpoxyResin etc. Characteristics and Application Range of Bonded Permanent Magnet: With isotropic characteristic, bonded magnet can be axial direction and radial directionmagnetized. With bonding process, thin wall magnet and magnet with complexshapes can be obtained. And this product offers high coercive force and magneticenergy product. Bonded permanent magnet can be used in the step motors, servo motors, horologe motors,sensors, automobile meters etc  AINiCo magnet is an alloy of aluminum-nickel-cobalt,has excellent temperature stabilityand corrosion resistance,it can be used in motor,sensor,separator,Loudspeakerand holding system etc....   SmCo magnet is a high performance low temperature coefficent permanent magnet madeof samarium and cobalt and other rare-earth elements.Its biggest advantage isits high working temperature---350 degree centigrade.It needn't to be coated becauseit is difficult to be eroded and oxidized.SmCo magnet is widely used in motorswatch transducers instruments positional detector generators radar and etc.The elements of Ferrite magnet are ferricoxide barium strontium.Ferrite has hightercoercive force and highter resistance to bedemagnetized and oxidized than othernon-rare earth permanent magnets.The biggest advantage of such magnet is theirlow cost.It is widely used from motors and loudspeakers to toys and craft etc...

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