Neodymium Arc Motor Magnets with Competitive Price - NdFeB

Permanent NdFeB magnet, Grade: N35-N52, 35M-50M, 33H-50H, 30SH-45SH etc., Customized Shape&Size, coating and magnetize direction - details see: //
Place of Origin: Jiangxi China (Mainland)Brand Name: JintaiModel Number: NdFeBType: Permanent
Composite: NdFeB MagnetShape: ArcApplication: Moto MagnetSurface treatment/coating/plating: Nickel, Zinc, Epoxy etc.
Size: Customized   
Neodymium Arc Motor Magnets with Competitive Price
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1. Descriptions

NdFeB (neodymium Iron Boron) magnet is the third generation of rare-earth permanent magnet, named “king magnet” for its great performance and competitive price. It’s widely used in modern industry and electronic technology.

Performance of products:

Surface Gauss>5000Gs

Br: 10.4 to 14.3KGs

Hcj: 11 to 35Koe

BHmax: 26 to 53MGOe

Working Temperature: 80°C-220°C

2. Shape

Block/rectangular,arc/segment, disc/round, cylinder, ring, deform etc.

3. Applications

Widely used in many fields, such asmotor, generator, pump, automation, sensor, pipeline detector, wind turbine, gear, instrument etc.

4. Buyer Guide

Grade, dimension, tolerance, coating, magnetization direction, quantity are necessary details for a good quotation. If the magnet would be particularly customized, please send usdrawingsto make things clear if possible.

5. Property Datasheet

6. Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest quality, R&D center and quality control center are founded. And, all of our products are manufactured based on the ISO9001:2008quality standards.

7. Manufacturing Process

Welcome to contact us if any requirements for magnet!

Packaging Detail:Standard seaworthy packing: plastic or high density board spacer insert between each two piece of magnets, foams to fix the magnets in carton from moving during transportation, every 13~15kgs in one carton; Strong magnetic shielding airworthy packing: put iron sheets into the carton surrounding the six outer side of the magnet group to shield the magnetism, others are same with sea packing. Standard carton size: 18*24*26cm.
Delivery Detail:15-20 days for samples and 30--35 days for volume quantity

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