Neodymium Magnet NdFeB Magnet N30 small square - N35-N52

1).Shape:stick,block,ring,disc and so on..., 2).Certificate: ISO9001:2008, 3).Grade: N35-N52, ETC, 4).Located in Shanghai - details see: //
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name: AnpeiModel Number: N35-N52Type: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium MagnetShape: BlockApplication: Industrial MagnetCoating:: Ni, Cu, Silver, Zn
Neodymium Magnet NdFeB Magnet N30 small square
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NdFeB magnet is an alloy magnet made from Nd,Fe,B and other metal elements.It is with the strongest magnetism,good coercive force

1) Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron;

2) Temperature:the max operation temp is up to 200 degree centigrade or 380 curie temperature;

3) Grade:N33-N52,33M-48M,33H-48H,30SH-45SH,30UH-38UH and 30EH-35EH;

Working Temperature

GradeMax. Operating Temperature
N35-N5280°C (176°F)
33M- 48M100°C (212°F)
33H-48H120°C (248°F)
30SH-45SH150°C (302°F)
30UH-40UH180°C (356°F)
28EH-38EH200°C (392°F)
28AH-35AH220°C (428°F)

4) Shape: ring,block,disc,bar and so on;

5) Size: according to customers' request;

6) Coating:Ni, Zn, gold, copper, epoxy and so on;

7) Delivery The lead time must be 2-5 days quicker than industry average because of more flexible machine process control

8) Application: Neodymium Magnets are widely used in many fields, such as motors, sensors, microphones, wind turbines,wind generators, VCMs in hard disk drives, printer, switchboard, loudspeakers, magnetic separation, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, magnetic chuck, common daily use and so on.

9) Price advantage: The price is 5-10% cheaper than industry average because of an excellent and efficient management system.

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