Neodymium permanent magnet - N30-N52, 35M-48M, 33H-42H, 35SH-45SH, 30UH-40UH, 2

1.High meichanical strength 2.Various anticorrosion coating solution; 3.Various magnetic alignment and magnetization pattern. - details see: //
Place of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland)Model Number: N30-N52, 35M-48M, 33H-42H, 35SH-45SH, 30UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH.Type: PermanentComposite: NdFeB Magnet
Shape: RingApplication: Moto MagnetCoating: Al/Ni/Au(Ni-Cu-Ni)/Epoxy Resin and ect.Outer Diameter Size: 15mm~~60mm+/-0.05mm
Inner Diameter Size: 12mm~~55mm+/-0.05mmHeight Size: 5mm~~50mm+/-0.1mmDiameter runout: 0.05mmConcentricity: 0.05
Neodymium permanent magnet
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Sintered NdFeB Magnet /Permanent Magnets / Ndfeb Magnet/Radially Ring Magnet/Servo motor Magnet

1.Our Features:

1. More than 20 years sintered magnet manufacture and exportation experience

2. Specializing in production and research and development factory

3. High energy product and high mechanical strength

4. Freedom of choice for the orientation and magnetization

5. Good corrosion protection method


a)We can produce grades

N30-N52, 35M-48M, 33H-42H, 35SH-45SH, 30UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH.

Magnet N-( N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50,N52),

Magnet M-(N35M, N38M, N40M,N42M, N45M, N48M),

Magnet H-(N33H,N35H, N38H, N40H, N42H),

Magnet SH-( N35SH, N38SH, N40SH, N42SH,N45SH),

Magnet UH-( N30UH, N33UH, N35UH, N38UH,N40UH),

Magnet EH-(N28EH, N30EH, N33EH, N35EH, N38EH).

b)We have mass prodcution grades


Nickel, Ni-Cu-Ni(Au), Epoxy Resin, AL bp and etc.


Ring, disc, block, Arc coil as clients' requirement.


Utilizes new Ndfeb Magnetic Magnet techniques and equipment such as Strip casting, HDDR technology

6.Magnetic properties:

a) High coercive force,

b) (BH)max from 33 to 53MGOe,

c) Max working temperature up to 230°C;

7. Magnetization Direction

a)Magnetization Multipole range : 4~28

b)Magnetization Angles range: 10°, 60°,90°


a) Electro-acoustic fie;

b) Electric products;

c) Motor areas: servo motor, vibration motor, AC/DC motor, linear motor;

d) Mechanical equipment: nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, medical apparatus and instruments.

f) Other fields: toy magnets and robot.

8. Packings:

a)Export standard carton and cystosepiment

b)As customer's requirements.

Packaging Detail:Export carton with polystyrene foam board (tray) or according to customer's request.
Delivery Detail:30 days since purchase order date.

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