New Item Sintered Hard Ferrite Magnet - ferrite magnet

Ferrite magnetics, Most widely used permanent magnets, Excellent corrosion resistance, Good temperature stability - details see: //
Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland)Brand Name: YuxiangModel Number: ferrite magnetType: Permanent
Composite: Ferrite MagnetShape: Cup ShapeApplication: Industrial Magnet 
New Item Sintered Hard Ferrite Magnet
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Ferrite magnet/sintered ferrite magnet/block ferrite magnet

General Introduction:

1. We specialize in manufacturing high performance sintered ferrite magnets in China.

2. The quality and characteristics of our sintered ferrite magnet products have been fit for the standard of Y30BH, Y33, Y33H, Y35, Y36, Y38, Y40, which are equal to C7, C8A, C8B, C9~C12 in MMPA, the American standard.

3. We are good at manufacturing super-large, super-thin and big radian segment permanent ferrite magnet, with good magnetic property and quality which equal to international advanced counterparts's, its products are marketable and popular. Welcome customized orders.

Features of Ferrite Magnet:

Manufactured from oxide materials using powder metallurgical process. Ferrite magnet is most widely used because of its low cost, high-energy, good electric insulation and excellent resistance to demagnetization. The most common type of ferrite magnets are anisotropic strontium, anisotropic barium and isotropic barium magnet

We have accumulated abundant experience and established stable and credible business relationships with customers worldwide. With rich experience in dealing with all types of large and small orders, we have developed extensive contacts with many local and international freight organizations. Consequently, we are able to ship our goods safely and reliably to almost anywhere in the world

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About our company business scopes:

We supply hard magnets and magnetic materials from China. Our magnets include ferrite magnets, flexible magnets, NdFeB magnets, alnico magnets, SmCo magnets, rubber magnets, refrigerator fridge magnets, magnetic powder, magnetic compound tesla meters & magnetizers, and magnetic jewelry. We also supply ferrite cores, MnZn cores and NiZn cores for transformers and coils, loudspeaker magnets, motor magnets, and refrigerator gasket stripes

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Packaging Detail:neutral packing with wooden cases & paper carton.....
Delivery Detail:20-30 days

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