Permanent neodymium magnet for sale - N35~N52,N33H~N48H,N33SH~N48SH,N33UH~N45UH,N33EH~N4

1.neodymium magnet for sale, 2.Coating:Nickel/Zinc/Gold, 3.Shape:customized, 4.Size:Customized, ISO9001:2008,SGS - details see: //
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: AIM MagnetModel Number: N35~N52,N33H~N48H,N33SH~N48SH,N33UH~N45UH,N33EH~N40EH,N30AH~N35AHType: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium MagnetShape: customizedApplication: Industrial Magnetqualified rate:: >=98%
Size of Permanent Magnet:: As cutomers needCertificate:: ISO9001:2002 and 2008Size Tolerance:: Disc-0.05mm,Block:W and L is 0.1mm,T is 0.05mmExperience:: Over 10 years
certification:: SGS, ROHS, ISO9001Coating:: Own coating factoryThe Caoting:: Sliver-Ni,White-Zn,Epoxy-Black 
Permanent neodymium magnet for sale
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Permanent neodymium magnet for sale

1. Meterial:Neodymium, NdFeB

2. Technology:Utilizes new Sintered NdFeB magnet techniques and equipment such as strip casting, HDDR technology

3. Magnetic properties:High coercive force, the max operation temp is up to 200 degree centigrade or 380 curie temperature;

4. Grades:N33-N52, 33M-48M, 33H-48H, 30SH-45SH, 30UH-38UH and 30EH-35EH;

5. Shapes and sizes:Various kinds or according to customers' request .

6. Coatings:Ni, Zn, Phosphating, epoxy and so on;

7. Motor magnet Applications:Widely used in different applications, such as sensors, motors, rotors, wind turbines/wind generators, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles,doors and so on.

8. Quality Control :Our qc tame has been in existence for more 13 years , rich experience make 100% guaranteed in quality.

9. Extreme Power Warming :These magnets are dangerous ! If your fingers are trapped between two they will cut your skin . Please be note they should only be handled with great care .

10. Transportation :All available shipping ways could be applied ,by courier ,by air or by sea . Appinted shipping company or our own forwarders all could be used in shipment . Full-way tracking the cargos for you before th good arrival .

Grade Table:

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1. Product Size, Grade ,Coating, Qty and so on;

2. Attached the drawing if customized;

3. Any special packing or other requirements.

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Packaging Detail:Standard export packing,depend on customers' requirement
Delivery Detail:7 business days

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