Permanent Strong Neodymium Generator Magnet - SXE0014

1.Permanent Strong Neodymium Generator Magnet, 2.OEM neodymium magnet motor, 3.ISO9001:2008 neodymium magnet motor - details see: //
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: SUNXAL-neodymium generator magnetsModel Number: SXE0014Type: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium MagnetShape: Block,Block,Round,Sheet,Arc shape neodymium magnet motorApplication: Moto Magnetcertification: ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 neodymium magnet motor
size: according to customers' request neodymium magnet motormaterial: neodymium-iron-boron neodymium magnet motorcoating: Zn,Ni,Ni-Cu-Ni,gold and so on neodymium magnet motorBiggest Diameter Magnet: 220mm neodymium magnet motor
Hightes thickness produced: 60mm neodymium magnet motorTolerance: +/-0.1mm or according to your requestPackage: box, carton , palletand so on, according to customers' requestBrand: SUNXAL neodymium generator magnets
Permanent Strong Neodymium Generator Magnet
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Permanent Strong Neodymium Generator Magnet

Product details:


♥Temperature:the max operation temp is up to 200 degree centigrade or 380 curie temperature


♥Shape:ring,block,disc,bar,and so on
♥Size:according to customers' requst
♥Coating:Ni-Ni-Cu-Ni,Zn,gold,copper,expoxy and so on
♥Maximum working temperature: 80 to 200 centigrades

♥Super strong magnetic force and high intrinsic coercive force and also with precise tolerance

Neodymium Magnet Advantage:

Nedymium Magnet Shapes:

Neodymium Magnet Coatings:

Characteristic Magnet Properties of NdFeB Magnet :

Magnetic Characteristics And Physical Properties of Sintered Nd-Fe-B
RemanenceCoerciv ForceIntrinsic CoerciveMax Enery ProductMaximum working
GradeBr mb(KG)hcb Koe(KA/m)iHC Koe(KA/m)(BH) maxtemperature
N351170-1210≥10.8 (≥860)≥12 (≥955)263-287(33-36)80
N381210-1250≥10.8 (≥860)≥12 (≥955)287-310(36-39)80
N401250-1280≥11.6 (≥923)≥12 (≥955)302-326(38-41)80
N421280-1320≥11.6 (≥923)≥12 (≥955)318-342(40-43)80
N451320-1380≥11.0 (≥876)≥12 (≥955)342-366(43-46)80
N481380-1420≥10.5 (≥835)≥12 (≥955)366-390(46-49)80
N501380-1450≥10.5 (≥835)≥11 (≥955)374-406(47-51)80
N521430-1480≥10.8 (≥860)≥11 (≥876)398-422(50-53)80
35M1170-1210≥10.8 (≥860)≥14 (≥1114)263-287(33-36)100
38M1210-1250≥11.0 (≥876)≥14 (≥1114)287-310(36-39)100
40M1250-1280≥11.4 (≥907)≥14 (≥1114)302-326(38-41)100
42M1280-1320≥11.6 (≥923)≥14 (≥1114)318-342(40-43)100
45M1320-1380≥11.8 (≥939)≥14 (≥1114)342-366(43-46)100
48M1360-1400≥11.8 (≥939)≥14 (≥1114)366-390(46-49)100
50M1400-1450≥13.0 (≥1033)≥14 (≥1114)382-406(48-51)100
33H1130-1170≥10.6 (≥844)≥17 (≥1353)247-263(31-33)120
35H1170-1210≥11.0 (≥876)≥17 (≥1353)263-287(33-36)120
38H1210-1250≥11.2 (≥890)≥17 (≥1353)287-310(36-39)120
40H1250-1280≥11.5 (≥915)≥17 (≥1353)302-326(38-41)120
42H1280-1320≥12.0 (≥955)≥17 (≥1353)318-342(40-43)120
45H1320-1380≥12.0 (≥955)≥17 (≥1353)335-366(42-46)120
46H1330-1380≥12.2 (≥972)≥16 (≥1274)350-374(44-47)120
48H1360-1430≥12.5 (≥995)≥16 (≥1274)366-390(46-49)120
33SH1130-1170≥10.6 (≥844)≥20 (≥1672)247-263(31-33)150
35SH1170-1210≥11.0 (≥876)≥20 (≥1672)263-287(33-36)150
38SH1210-1250≥11.4 (≥907)≥20 (≥1672)287-310(36-39)150
40SH1250-1280≥11.8 (≥939)≥20 (≥1672)302-326(38-41)150
42SH1280-1320≥11.8 (≥939)≥20 (≥1672)320-342(40-43)150
45SH1320-1380≥12.6 (≥1003)≥20 (≥1592)342-366(43-46)150
33UH1130-1170≥10.7 (≥852)≥25 (≥1990)247-263(31-33)180
35UH1170-1210≥10.7 (≥852)≥25 (≥1990)263-287(33-36)180
38UH1210-1250≥11.4 (≥907)≥25 (≥1990)287-310(36-39)180
40UH1250-1280≥11.4 (≥907)≥25 (≥1990)302-326(38-41)180
30EH1080-1130≥9.5 (≥756)≥30 (≥2388)223-247(28-31)200
33EH1130-1170≥10.2 (≥812)≥30 (≥2388)247-263(31-33)200
35EH1170-1210≥10.2 (≥812)≥30 (≥2388)263-287(33-36)200
38EH1210-1250≥11.4 (≥907)≥30 (≥2388)287-310(36-39)200
30AH1080-1130≥10.2 (≥812)≥35 (≥2785)223-255(28-32)220
33AH1120-1170≥10.2 (≥812)≥35 (≥2785)247-271(31-34)220

Physical Property of Magnet material:

♥Br: 11.7-14.9KGs, bHc: 10-13kOe, iHcj, 12-35Koe; Max. working Temp:80-240 Degrees


+/-0.05mm for samll size neodymium magnet

+/-0.1mm for customer design neodymium magnet

+/-0.05mm for big block neodymium magnet


The main applications of magnet;

1.AcousticsSpeakers,microphone etc
2.TransportationAutomobile,motor assemblies etc
3.ElectronicsSensors,instrumentation,transducer etc
4.Medical EquipmentsMRI,magnet therapeutic apparatus etc
5.IT industryLoudspeakers,earphones,printer etc
6.Communication equipmentMobile phone
7.Home applicationDVD,VCD,Laser
8.ElectronicsGenerator,windmill etc
10Hi-Tech researchElectron accelerator
11High industryGift,toy,rubber,fridge magnet

Price and payment:

we accept cresit cards,L/C.T/T,WESTERN UNION,etc.

If you wanan pay with other payment methods,pls contact us.

Packing detail:


We ship worldwide.

Your item will be shipped within14business days, after payment has been received and cleared. Shipping time usually takes 15-30 business days.

Main Market:

Our Advantage of Exporting Neodymium Magnets:

1.We are experienced in magnetic field for many years.

2.Samples and small quantity are available.

3.All the inquiries, questions and emails will be replied within 24 hours.

4.We have stock material for stable production.

Buyer Guide:

Pls tell us following information:

Produce:Size ______Grade ______Coating ____Order quantity ______.

Show us drawing if you have.

Packaging Detail:standard air and vessel package or according to customers' request n52 neodymium magnet
Delivery Detail:15-20 days

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