Phospo Gypsum

PHOSPHOGYPSUM is the phosphate fertilizer industry solid waste,and phosphoric acid is the found of phosphate fertilizer - details see: //
Place of Origin: Maharashtra IndiaSize: 80 ~ 100 meshType: Hydrated LimeApplication: Architectural paint
Shape: PowderRaw Material: Gypsum  
Phospo Gypsum
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Chemical analysis ( RCF )

Calcium sulphate96 % maximum
Sodium as Na0.06 % minimum
Floride as F0.60 % maximum
silica as SiO20.80 % maximum
phosphate as P2 O50.50 % maximum

Please note the free moisture content should be 15 ~ 20 % by weight

Chemical analysis (Birla copper )

ParamatersparamatersunitAnalysis value
CaSO4.2H2OCalcium sulphate%94.11
MgOMagnesium Oxide%0.12
Na2OSodium Oxide%0.32
Fe2O3Iron Oxide%0.12
Unreacted limeunreacted lime%2.65
Total P2O5Total P2O5%1.07
Total FTotal Fluoride%0.13
CaOCalcium Oxide%33.24
W/s- P2O5Water soluble P2O5%0.57
W/s-FWater soluble Fluoride%0.048
Free moistureFree moisture%15
pHvalueNO3 to 5
Packaging Detail:Loose and can be packed in second hand bags/new bags on request order
Delivery Detail:3 Days

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