PTFE coated fiberglass fabric

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, 1.Excellent chemical resistant, 2.Wide operating temperature ranges - details see: //
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name: ChangfengApplication: Fiberglass Mesh ClothSurface Treatment: PTFE Coated
Width: 1MWeave Type: Plain WovenYarn Type: E-GlassAlkali Content: Alkali Free
brown: blackwhite: beige  
PTFE coated fiberglass fabric
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PTFE coated fiberglass fabric

Our factory can produce different color of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric such as brown, white, beige, black etc. For each color our product has different thickness ranging from 0.05 to 1.0mm.


1.Anti-deformed, substantial, elongation coefficient less than 5‰

2.Good heat resistance, continuous working temperature –140-260°C

3.Low coefficient of friction and dielectric constant, good insulating ability

4.Anti-sticking easy to clean stains and adhesives on the surface

5.Good corrosion resistance, resists almost all chemicals like acids, alkalis, and salt, it is fireproof, lower in aging.


1.Used as pan gaskets, microwave gaskets, and various kinds of conveyor belts such as dry conveyor belt, frozen food conveyor belt, defrost conveyor belt, carpet adhesive curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanized conveyor belt etc.

2.Used as motor insulation slot, cable winding insulation.

3.Used as the anti-sticking material when welding of plastic products, the cover when welding, and the liner for the sealing machine.

4.Used as flexible compensator, transfer printed table cloth.

5.Use as the abrasive demoulding , slicing of grinding wheels, curing cloth for the abrasive pieces.

6.Used as the anti-corrosion wrapping material for all kinds of petroleum pipelines, chemical industry pipelines, textile sizing roller. and desulfurization of environmental protection for the waste gas of the power plant.

Any special requirements please contact us, we can do any size of the goods according to the requirements of customers.

Product detail:

We use the superior basic fabrics+ superior coating.


Packaging Material: polyester pag per each roll and woven bag outside per each two rolls, or as per the customers' requests.

Factory :

Shanghai Huadong PTFE Products Factory is professional in producing PTFE Products, especially in PTFE coated fiberglass fabric ,PTFE adhesive fabric ,PTFE film , PTFE rod and PTFE sheet, our products have a good reputation in this field .


Product data reference

ItemColorThicknessMax widthgramsTensile strengthTemp range
HD-B08brown0.08mm1250mm150g/m²180/140N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W08white0.08mm1250mm150g/m²180/140N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M08beige0.08mm1250mm150g/m²180/140N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H08black0.08mm1250mm150g/m²180/140N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B13brown0.13mm1250mm260 g/m²290/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W13white0.13mm1250mm260 g/m²290/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M13beige0.13mm1250mm260 g/m²290/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H13black0.13mm1250mm260 g/m²290/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B15brown0.15mm1250mm300 g/m²310/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W15white0.15mm1250mm300 g/m²310/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M15beige0.15mm1250mm300 g/m²310/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H15black0.15mm1250mm300 g/m²310/260N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B18brown0.18mm1250mm330 g/m²400/360N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W18white0.18mm1250mm330 g/m²400/360N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M18beige0.18mm1250mm330 g/m²400/360N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H18black0.18mm1250mm330 g/m²400/360N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B25brown0.25mm2800mm450 g/m²550/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W25white0.25mm2800mm450 g/m²550/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M25beige0.25mm2800mm450 g/m²550/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H25black0.25mm2800mm450 g/m²550/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B35brown0.35mm3200mm700 g/m²650/600N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W35white0.35mm3200mm700 g/m²650/600N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M35beige0.35mm3200mm700 g/m²650/600N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H35black0.35mm3200mm700 g/m²650/600N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B40Brown0.40mm3500mm780 g/m²820/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W40White0.40mm3500mm780 g/m²820/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M40beige0.40mm3500mm780 g/m²820/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H40black0.40mm3500mm780 g/m²820/500N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B65Brown0.65mm4000mm1100 g/m²880/730N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W65White0.65mm4000mm1100 g/m²880/730N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M65beige0.65mm4000mm1100 g/m²880/730N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H65black0.65mm4000mm1100 g/m²880/730N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-B90Brown0.90mm4000mm1500 g/m²1050/950N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-W90White0.90mm4000mm1500 g/m²1050/950N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-M90beige0.90mm4000mm1500 g/m²1050/950N/cm-140 to 260°C
HD-H90black0.90mm4000mm1500 g/m²1050/950N/cm-140 to 260°C
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