Quicklime - GOST 9179-77

Quick lime, construction, air-calcium bystrogasyaschayasya 1 grade. Widely used in construction for making lime-sandstone ... - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/quicklime-10190243
Place of Origin: UzbekistanSize: 90 %Type: Quick LimeApplication: Architectural paint
Shape: PowderModel Number: GOST 9179-77Brand Name: Ltd Asia cargo logisticsRaw Material: Limestone
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Quick lime , construction, air -calcium bystrogasyaschayasya 1 grade.
Lime - the best mineral material used as a component of dry mixes .

Thanks to a mixture of lime falls easily , has good hiding .Lime has a high adhesion and enhances vlagouderzhivaemostyu mixture ( of which it is included ) to the various surfaces.

Quicklime :

If you decide to buy lime is to understand what you need lime .Quicklime - often applied chemical substance which has a crystalline structure and has a chemical formula CaO ( calcium oxide ) .Quicklime is used in various fields of activity : construction, food industry, in different laboratories .

Application quicklime :

From time immemorial, with slaked lime Lump actively used in many spheres of human activity .Known its use in construction , food industry and many other fields.Slaked lime can be used for the manufacture of fillers for facade work .

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