Raw Calcium Carbonate

480 acres of ground containing 3 million total tons of raw calcium carbonate.with 85% purity. - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/raw-calcium-carbonate-10190320
Place of Origin: Utah United StatesSize: 3,000,000 total tonsType: Hydrated LimeApplication: Desiccant
Shape: Lump   
Raw Calcium Carbonate
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Three million tons of raw calcium carbonate located on 480 acres in southern Utah.

Listed for $10/ton for on-site pickup.

Available for trade, joint venture or simple purchase of the whole lot or a portion of it. Prefer at least 500K tons per order.

Packaging Detail:Raw in the ground calcium carbonate. Unrefined, needs processing. 84% grade, 90 brightness. Total amount is 3 million tons.
Delivery Detail:Depends on location of buyer - preferred is pickup on site.

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