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High dimension precision and uniformity, Excellent polishing properties, High UV light transmission, OD: from 0.127mm to 11mm - details see:
Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland)Brand Name: zcqModel Number: zcqType: Clear Quartz Pipe
Color: Clear, Transparent or OpaqueApplication: FiberSurface Treatment: PolishedShape: Twin Tube
Outside Diameter: 0.1mm to 100 mmOzone Content: Ozone Free  
Silica Tube
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Silica glass tubes

Detailed Product Description

Special features:

High purity quartz 99.99%.

Fire Molding Processed

High dimension precision and uniformity
Excellent polishing properties
High UV light transmission

High environmental durability


Round-shape or Quadrate capillary tube

OD: from 0.127mm to 11mm

Length: Customer Design

Typical Applications:

Optical fiber and communication industry

Gas chormatograph
High performance electrophoresis chormatograph
Microfluidics instruments in electronic, medical treatment, chemical and optical industry.

Some Typical Characteristics of Quartz:

Very Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Resistance to High Temperature
High Chemical Purity
High Corrosion Resistance
Extensive Optical Transmission from Ultra-Violet to Infra-Red
Excellent Electrical Insulation Qualities

Techincal Information of Transparent Quartz Materials:

Density: 2.203 g/cm3
Hardness: 7 (Modified Scale); 5.36.5 (Mohs Scale)
Tensile strength: 48.3 MPa
Compressive strength: >1.1 GPa
Bulk modulus: ~37 GPa
Rigidity modulus: 31 GPa
Young's modulus: 71.7 GPa
Poisson's ratio: 0.16
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 5.5×10-7 cm/(cmK) (average from 20°C to 320°C)
Thermal conductivity: 1.3 W/(mK)
Heat capacity: 45.3 J/mol
Softening point: c. 1730°C
Annealing point: c. 1180°C
Strain point: 1075°C
Electrical resistivity: >1018 Ω×m
Dielectric constant: 3.75 at 20°C 1 MHz
Dielectric loss factor: less than 0.0004 at 20°C 1 MHz
Index of refraction at 587.6 nm (nd): 1.4585

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1.High Purity Material
2.Quality Gurantee High Precision Manufacturing
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4.Good Delivery
5.Great Catagories

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Packaging Detail:Paper Carton, Wooden Case,Plastic Air-cushion film, Vacuum Packing, Mutiple layers Plastic Box or Clients-Tailor Packing
Delivery Detail:one day to one month

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