Silver Jewelry Investment Powder of HK-20 - HK-20

The investment is for direct use in, (1)stone(diamond)place wax setting, (2) solid gold,karat gold,silver and brass alloy cast - details see: //
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Shape: PowderModel Number: HK-20Brand Name: HUNTER
Silver Jewelry Investment Powder of HK-20
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  • Features:
    1 The casting mold can bear temperature as high as 830oC(1526oF)~850oC(1562oF), and has high thermal shock resistance. It can be used in precision casting of noble metal with melting temperature under 1300oC
    2 The investment contains oxidation-resisting microcrystals. It prevents casting surface from oxidizing during high temperature melting metal pouring in.
    3 Applicable in up to 14karat gold added high temperature alloy (such as palladium), silver alloy superior line of jewelry casting.
    4 Mold cavity duplicates are highly clear and accurate; the casting surface is extremely smooth, no any male-female face.
    5 Automatically collapsed when dip into water, easy to pattern drawing.
Water/Powder Ratio:38-40:100
Working Time:9-10 min
Initial Set Time:12-15 min
Thermal Expansion @730:0.72%
Setting Expansion @2hrs.:0.50%
Thermal Compressive strength (730×1hrs):0.71 MPa
Setting Compressive strength (2hrs.):1.30 MPa
Max.Burnout Temp.:830(1,526°F)
Packaging Detail:bag(45kg/bag,22.5kg/bag),drum(45kg/drum)
Delivery Detail:within 10 days

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