strong disc permanent neodymium magnet N35 dia25.4 height3 - JY25.4-3

Grade:N35;specification:D25.4*3mm;coating:epoxy,, The magnet is exported with high quality and low's cheap - details see: //
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: Jinyu MagnetModel Number: JY25.4-3Type: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium MagnetShape: DiscApplication: Industrial MagnetGrade: N35
material: Sintered NdFeBDiameter: 25.4Height: 3Coating: nicuni
Tolerance: ±0.05mmStrength: approx 2kgWorking temperture: 80?weight: 59.8g
strong disc permanent neodymium magnet N35 dia25.4 height3
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Product Description



coating:black epoxy.

Br : 1.8-1.23T


Hcj ≥955

(BH)max: 263-287KJ/M3

Curie Temp. :310°C

Temp. Coefficlent: 80°C


When you want to inquiry or purchase, pls tell us below information:
1.Type of magnet (material & grade)
2.Shape and dimensions (drawing if necessary)

3.Quantity (annual and per shipment)
4.Magnetized or unmagnetized (Direction of magnetization)
6.Other information and/or requirements

Company Information

We are a high-technology enterprise, specialized in studying, producing, developing and applying NdFeB rare-earth permanent magnets.
We also supply all kinds of SmCo,AlNiCo,Ferrite and magetic assemblies.
Our main products series includeRing Ndfeb Magnets,Disc Ndfeb Magnet,Block Ndfeb magnets,Arc Ndfeb magnet,mushroomedmagnets,

Production Machinery:
Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Cutting MachineGB4028353Acceptable
Milling MachineX5330B23Acceptable
Packaging MachineNo Information44Acceptable
Drilling MachineZ512-233Acceptable
Vacuum Induction Melting FurnaceHY & ZGSC-350-I22Acceptable
Jet Milling MachineXDK & OLMR-400G11Acceptable
Oil Hydraulic Pressing MachineSXLYYC12Acceptable
Pressing MachineBDM-II32Acceptable
Vacuum Sintering FurnaceVST-300W43Acceptable
Mixing MachineNanfangfenti21Acceptable
Screening MachineZS31Acceptable
Grinding MachineM1080B31Acceptable
Testing Machinery:
Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Digital Flux MeterHT70113Acceptable
Digital Gauss MeterHT20813Acceptable
High-temperature Magnetic Testing MachineShuangji11Acceptable
Demagnetization Curve Testing Machine26411Acceptable
Dynamic Balance testing instrumentDYJ-S6013Acceptable
Hardness TesterHV-100013Acceptable
Image Measuring InstrumentEasson13Acceptable
Our Services

Grade :
1.High coercive force, strong magnetic power;
2.The maximum operation up to 230 degree centigrade
3.Products manufactured according to ISO9001 quality system;
4.Coating: Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, Ag, Au and other special plating and coating ;
5.Delivery time: 10-30days after confirm order;
6.Payment terms: T/T, or Western Union
7.We do our best to meet your request and make it fast to your hands.
8.Application: Aerospace, electronics, electrical and mechanical, instruments, medical care and other fields and non-technical fields use more and more widely, such as adsorption magnets, toys, jewelry and so on.

Packaging & Shipping

Paper carton:38*28*18(Magnetic separation packaging)

vacuumpackage& gasket

Type of Delivery:by sea,by air,by other expressage.

Packaging Detail:Paper carton:38*28*18 (Magnetic separation packaging) vacuum package & gasket
Delivery Detail:14days

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