Titanium Ti ingot - FM-Ti

We (Firmetal Co., Ltd. ) can offer you Titanium (Ti) ASTM Grade (Gr. ) 1 2 3 4 5 (6Al 4V) , Gr. 23 (Ti-6Al-4V ELI) products - details see: http://www.sourcingmetals.com/titanium-ti-ingot-10158583
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Model Number: FM-TiAlloy Or Not: Is Alloy 
Titanium Ti ingot
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We ( Firmetal Co., Ltd. ) can offer you Titanium ( Ti ) ASTM Grade (Gr. ) 1 2 3 4 5 ( 6Al 4V ), Gr.23 (Ti-6Al-4V ELI ) products including mil spec.

And the standard MIL-T-9046J, AMS4911H, DMS1592F, ASTM B265.

Our titanium products are available in a wide range of forms including Titanium (Ti) wire, Titanium (Ti) foil, Titanium (Ti) sheet, Titanium (Ti) rod, Titanium (Ti) strip, Titanium (Ti) plate, Titanium (Ti) tube, Titanium (Ti) alloys, Titanium powder and etc.

Available Titanium Forms

Form-----------------Thickness, Dia.,

Titanium Foil -------0.001 in. to 0.004 in.

Titanium Sheets ------0.005 in. to 0.019 in.

Titanium Sheets ------0.020 in. to 0.100 in.

Titanium Plates ------0.125 in. to 2 in.

Titanium Wire --------0.010 in. to 0.124 in.

Titanium Rods --------0.125 in to 0.625 in. dia.

Titanium Billets -----3.5 in. dia.

Titanium Tubes -------0.75 in. OD x 0.065 in

Ti Tube Welded -------By request

Titanium Ingots ------By request

Titanium Targets -----By request

Titanium Screws ------By request

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